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F1GP-Ed may be customized via valid icon tooltypes, as well as from the
Settings menu. Tooltypes may be changed by selecting the F1GP-Ed icon and
selecting Information from the Workbench Icons menu - consult your
Workbench manual if you don't know how to operate the resulting window.

For instance, I like to set the following tooltypes:


(note that PROGDIR: was introduced in KS 2.0 - it refers to the location of
the currently running program, which is F1GP-Ed in this case)

For examples and information on how to use command line arguments, see the
starting F1GP-Ed from the shell section.

Datafile icon

Provided you turned the Create Icons option on, F1GP-Ed will always create
an icon for any datafiles that you save.  This is a built-in icon by
default.  However, if you would prefer to use a different icon, then you
may copy it to ENVARC:Sys/def_F1GP-Ed.info and F1GP-Ed will use that icon

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