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          F1GP-Ed 3.44 - the most powerful utility of its kind

                        DONATIONWARE RE-RELEASE

       Copyright  1994-2010 Oliver Roberts, All Rights Reserved.

    Introduction               about F1GP-Ed

    Distribution               distribution conditions
    Registration               registering no longer required
    Disclaimer                 important notices

    System requirements        what you need to get F1GP-Ed up and running
    Getting started            installing/running F1GP-Ed
    Quickstart guide           simple tutorial to update F1GP
    Configuration              tooltypes, CLI options and other settings

    Using F1GP-Ed              descriptions of features, menus & gadgets
    On-line help               about F1GP-Ed on-line help

    F1GP Versions              about the different versions of F1GP
    Notes on F1GP saved games  about F1GP saved games
    Known Problems             bugs in F1GP-Ed and the game itself

    Acknowledgements           thankyous and credits
    Update policy              where to get F1GP-Ed from
    About the author           me, my addresses & other F1GP stuff
    History                    program history

    Future                     future enhancements
    About f1gp.library         general information on the support library

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