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If you want to convert your copy of F1GP so that it uses the 1999.f1gp
datafile supplied with F1GP-Ed, then here is one way to do it (after you've
made sure you have a backup of F1GP, of course):

 o Load F1GP-Ed

 o Select Load from >> Datafile... from the "Project" menu

 o Select the "1999.f1gp" file and click on "Load"

 o Make sure the F1GP Binary path in the main window is set correctly: if
   you have a hard drive then select the "f1gp" file in the relevant
   drawer, otherwise just put F1GP disk 2 (versions A & B) or disk 1
   (version C - change the path from "f1gp_disk_#2:f1gp" to
   "f1gp_disk_#1:f1gp") in any floppy disk drive.

 o Select Save to >> F1GP Binary... from the "Project" menu

 o Read the message and click on "OK"

 o When disk activity has finished, load F1GP in the usual way

This will provide you with an updated version of F1GP - you can also
customize many other features too by experimenting with F1GP-Ed.  It is
also possible to save directly to memory (ie without reloading the game)

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