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This window allows you to install and remove some pretty neat patches which
have evolved from Toni Wilen's GPPatch utility.  These are the standard
features which are always enabled:

 * Shows remaining time and your current lap in practice and qualifying
 * Shows the time difference to the cars on front and behind when you've
   crossed the finish line
 * Shows the racers' names who are in front and behind of you
 * Realtime laptime updating
 * A block flashes on the upper left corner when the first competitor
   crosses the finish line
 * Several listings: drivers by their positions, fastest lap times, race
   time - "*" shows your car's position and cars marks with "#" are the
   other human players

Additional features can be configured with F1GP-Ed:

   Toggles the realtime drivers' list on or off.  This is similar to a HUD
view on flight simulators (Heads Up Display).  The drivers' name will often
be preceded by one of the following symbols:

   >   car is currently in the pit lane
   -   car intends to pit for tyres this lap
   +   car is damaged and intends to make a pitstop this lap

The HUD can also be toggled while playing the game by pressing the relevant
key (5 on the numeric keypad, by default).  Limitations: Please note that
on AGA Amigas, the HUD doesn't fully show up if you have set the horizontal
display position to less than 0.  On screenmodes other than standard PAL or
NTSC (e.g. DblPAL or Multiscan), the HUD is not available, due to hardware
 (default is off)

HUD Size
   This specifies the horizontal size of the HUD, and is made possible by
the AGA chipset - so if you don't have an A1200 or A4000 you won't be able
to use this feature.  This option can also be changed while playing the
game by pressing the relevant key (0 on the numeric keypad, by default).
 (default is Large)

X Offset
   The horizontal position of the HUD - relative to the current screen
display position.
 (default is 4)

Y Offset
   The vertical position of the HUD - relative to the current screen
display position.
 (default is 10)

Allow Setup Change
   Alters the behaviour of the Right-Shift key (or whatever you have
redefined it to).  Pressing this key will bring up the car setup menu while
you are actually driving and allow you to alter the setup without returning
to the pits.  You can enable this feature, disable it completely, or just
disable it during races.
 (default is Never)

Enable Turbo Keys
   Allow the 1-6 keys to be used to alter the game speed.  It is advisable
to turn these keys off if you find yourself pressing these keys
accidentally while playing the game :-)
 (default is on)

Turbo Keys Preset
   This allows you to preset the initial turbo keys setting.  Select the
key 1-6.  This option essentially does the same as pressing the required
turbo key when entering the cockpit.  This saves you having to do this
manually every time, for those of you who can't live without the turbo keys
;-)  In general, it is recommended that you set this option to 0, which
disables the preset value and ensures the frame rate is set correctly.
 (default is 0)

   Specifies the font to be used by the HUD and information displays.
Clicking the button will bring up a font requester.  The only fonts that
can be used by GPPatch are fixed width 8x8 fonts - only suitable fonts will
be displayed in the requester.
 (default is topaz.font)

Redefine Keys
   Redefined the keys used by GPPatch.  These keys provide additional
features whilst you are driving.  The defaults are shown below:

 Ctrl     Shows cars and their positions in front and behind of your car

 R-Amiga  Shows positions and times of all cars (qualifying and race only)

 R-Alt    Exit the position display activated with R-Amiga

 R-Shift  Enter car setup menu

  1-6     Alter the game speed.  1 = slowest and 6 = fastest.  The exact
          funtion of these keys depends on what you have set the actual
          frame rate to.

   5      Toggles drivers' list HUD on/off (race only)
   0      Selects size of the HUD display (lowres/hires/superhires) -
          requires AGA-chipset to use smaller modes
   8      Move HUD display up
   2      Move HUD display down
   4      Move HUD display left
   6      Move HUD display right

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