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This window allows you to alter the colour palette used when actually
playing the game.  In reality, it isn't really a good idea to alter the
palette as it will affect the whole display (e.g cockpit, cars, the track).
However, making minor adjustments shouldn't cause too many problems.

Adjusting the palette is a simple matter of selecting a colour and then
moving the RGB sliders.  As this is the usual way applications handle
palette editing, I don't think this needs much more explanation :-)

Unfortunately, the game uses a 9-bit palette (opposed to the normal 12 or
24-bit) which means you have less colours to choose from (512 to be
precise).  This is the reason why you can only choose between 0 and 7 on
each slider.

   Load colours from an existing IFF-ILBM image or palette file.

   Save the current colours to an IFF palette file.  You can then use the
resulting palette file with your favourite paint program, if required.

Wet Sky Colour
   Select the palette entry that should be used for the sky during wet
weather conditions.

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