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The Team Editor allows you to alter team settings in a similar way to that
of F1GP itself.  The difference is that this editor allows you to change
relative team performances, car numbers, the number of teams to compete and

You select the teams via the listview gadget at the left of the window.
Underneath this gadget are buttons to move the positions of the selected
team and also a cycle gadget which allows you to view the teams in their
physical F1GP order (Normal) or in the order of garage position in the pit
lane (Pit Order).  In the case of the Pit Order the top of the list
represents the pit bay closest to the pit entrance and the bottom
represents the bay next to the pit lane exit.

Team Name
   Name of the selected team.

   Name of the team's engine.

   Horsepower setting for the team's cars.  This will determine how quickly
computer controlled cars can accelerate.  Values between 0 and 1431 are
accepted.  The higher the setting, the faster the cars in that team will
accelerate in relation to the others.
 (default is 716 for the fastest teams)

Driver A
   Use the slider to select a driver from the list of drivers specified by
you in the Driver Editor.  Legal values are 0-40 (0 means that the car will
not participate in any events).  Note that strange driver combinations may
cause the game to get confused (and maybe crash).

Driver B
   Select the second driver - as above.

Global HP
   This will increase/decrease each cars HP setting by 5.  You do this by
clicking on the "+" or "-" gadgets.

Edit Car
   Click this button to bring up a colour editor so that you can alter the
colour and design of the cars.  You should be aware that the style of the
first team's car is different from all the others.  The first team has a
car with a different nose design (ie McLaren style nose).

Edit Pit Crew
   Click this button to bring up a colour editor so that you can alter the
colours of the pit crews.

Max Teams
   This determines how many of the teams will actually be used by F1GP. You
can select between 1 and 20 teams.  You will be warned if you don't have
enough drivers.
 (default is 18 teams)

Speed Factor
   Increasing this value will make computer cars go faster along straights
and around corners without affecting HP settings.  This allows the cars to
make more challenges and brake later into the corners - this is NOT a real
solution to the early braking techniques employed by computer cars, but it
is the next best thing.  This value is applied to all circuits.  Values
between 15000 and 32767 are acceptable.  This setting has been superceded
by the Local Speed Factors memory patch.
 (default is 16384)

Risk Factor
   Like the speed factor, increasing this value will make the computer cars
go faster.  It doesn't do quite the same thing though.  As far as I can
tell it alters some steering variable - the more you increase it the more
the rear of the car will slip out allowing the computer cars to lose
control.  It also specifies how fast the computer drivers think they can go
around corners (i.e. setting it too high will result in kamikaze drivers
taking chicances at full whack!) - the speed factor adjusts how fast they
can actually go around corners without crashing. Another effect as a result
of increasing the risk factor is that it makes the computer cars more
aggressive, which allows them to overtake more often.  Unlike the speed
factor the risk factors are circuit based and are actually loaded from the
track files normally, so I advise you to use the Local Risk Factors patch
instead if you can.  Values from 0 to 32767 are acceptable, although
decreasing the value from the default is pretty pointless and results in
seriously slow computer drivers.
 (global default is 17792)

Race Risk Factor
   The same functionality as the risk factor described above.  However,
this value is used for races only.
 (global default is 16640)

Normal Risk Factor
   Normally the risk factors are loaded from the separate track files.
Switch this off to allow to alter and use your own global risk factors.
 (default is on)

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