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F1GP-Ed 3.44558KThe latest full F1GP-Ed package in a LhA archive, including FREE F1GP-Ed.key file.
F1GP-Ed 3.44 Disk745KSelf-booting F1GP-Ed 3.44 install disk for floppy-based Amigas (DMS archive), including FREE F1GP-Ed.key file.
Please note: You don't need to download all of the above - just pick the one you prefer
Cockpit table2KCockpit coordinate table - useful for people who wish to create new cockpit designs (by Mark Butler).
Locale Catalogs 84KThese catalogs are all supplied with the current version of F1GP-Ed (not in the update patches!), although they may have been updated since the latest release (see the notes below). The following languages are currently supported:
  • Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish
  • 04-Dec-1999: Updated French catalog
  • All other catalogs in this archive are identical to the catalogs supplied with F1GP-Ed 3.44

If your preferred language is not listed above, then you might want to translate the F1GP-Ed strings yourself - mail me if you are interested in doing this (before doing so).

French Documentation61KFrench documentation and other text files for F1GP-Ed 3.33 (support for French documentation has been dropped, as the author has not been responding to my e-mails).

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