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Submission Guidelines

Important: Only the top 5 perfs for each circuit will be made available. So, if your perf is slower than the 5th best in the PerfBase, please don't bother submitting it as you'll be wasting your time!

Please make sure you adhere to the filenaming conventions (as below) when submitting perfs otherwise my scripts that aid automation might not notice your submission...

  • The names of the actual perf files must be as follows: <circuit>_<id>.perf, or if the time was set with traction control off it should be <circuit>_<id>_t.perf

    where <circuit> is one of the following:

    usa, bra, imo, mon, can, mex, fra, gbr, ger, hun, bel, ita, por, spa, jap, aus.
    and <id> is your driver identifier.

  • Make sure the perf file is as small as possible - use the Extract bestlap feature (press F10 or select from Edit menu) in GPDisplay to accomplish this.

  • Compress the perf file(s) into an archive using LhA (or preferably LZX) - if submitting more than one perf file, please put them all in a single archive. Then mail the archive to me uuencoded, or in MIME format, to this address:
    Note: There is no need to tell me the corresponding lap times - I have a program that will extract lap times from perf files :-)
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