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Introduction to the Hall of Fame

The Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame is a highly enjoyable competition open to all players of the Microprose game Formula-1 Grand Prix on Amiga systems. All competitors must have e-mail facilities (or access to) in order to take part. Additionally an Amiga with a copy of F1GP-Ed 3.4x (which must be run along side F1GP) and the HoF Qualifier v2.05 program for submitting your results to the administrator.

The basic idea behind the Hall of Fame, is that you compete against other members over each of the 16 circuits for points. The current scoring system implies that points are awarded according to how close you are to the fastest time on each circuit. The faster you are, the more points you wil receive.

This is essentially the basis of the competition.

Words from the administrator (28.10.2001) Latest News

Well, I suppose it finally had to happen. The Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame has come to an end. As in the words of Monty Python.. "it is deceased.. it is no more..". Formula-1 GP takes it's form of GP3 2000 on the PC, which it has to be said is the de-facto standard and is played and loved by many. The tables have been updated slightly to show the final standings, but there will now never be another update to the Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame.

Thanks for all the interest over the years, thanks to the previous administrator for letting me take over and thanks to all those who stuck with the Amiga F1 game.

I will say this however look, out for a new F1 GP3 Hall of Fame which will be opening in a month or so. All the best..


Joining the Hall of Fame
ONEChoose your personal two-digit ID. Usually, this is just your initials (unless someone else is using them) but it can be any two alphanumeric characters you like.
TWOE-mail the administrator with your chosen ID. After confirming your ID, the administrator will add your name to the HoF mailing list.
THREEDownload the latest version of F1GP-Ed. This enables you to alter the F1GP game ready for competing in the Hall of Fame.
FOURDownload the latest version of HoF Qualifier. This program ensures that your times are submitted in the correct format for the Hall of Fame each month.
FIVEDownload the HoF datafile, which configures F1GP-Ed for competing in the Hall of Fame.
SIXCarefully read the 'HoF Rules' section of the Hall of Fame, before submitting any times.
Understanding the Hall of Fame records
COUNTRY OF RACE (Circuit Name)
01   1:23.456 AA 01-01-00 HF 64 40 �00 [32,38,45,52,58,63] 20.00

Key to reading records Possible Options
Pos Position of the qualifying record Br Auto brakes A A-compound tyres
Time Qualifying time obtained G Auto gears B B-compound tyres
ID Player ID Sp Self-righting spin C C-compound tyres
Date Date on which record was set L Best line D D-compound tyres
Options Possible options (see table right) S Suggested gear W W-compound tyres
Front Front wing J Analogue joystick K Used keyboard
Rear Rear wing H HP fixed at 716 T Traction control off
Balance Break balance (Front/Neutral/Rear) 2 2 button gears F 12 fps PAL/NTSC
Gears Gear setup  
Score Rated score  

Submitting to the Hall of Fame

You can submit records by either using the HoF Qualifier utility or the "Statistics" option in F1GP-Ed. Please, refer to the documentation of those programs on how to export record data for the Hall of Fame. Any times should be submitted to: [email protected].

Obtaining the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is currently only available on this site for viewing. No versions are available elsewhere.

Rules for the Hall of Fame

Please note that the rules assume you to be familiar with Oliver Roberts's F1GP Editor V3.4x upwards, because this tool provides all the patches currently relevant to competing in the Hall of Fame. The following rules must be adhered to:-

  • A wet or dry datafile must be used
  • Qualifying times accepted only (race times are theoretically slower)
  • Q-Compound Tyres to be used
  • Ace difficulty level (no driver aids)
  • No cutting corners
  • No slipstreaming
  • Saving of the qualifying session (e.g. before a corner) and repeating it is not allowed
  • Only 2 teams are allowed at maximum (to minimise slipstreaming risk)
  • Position snaphot keys are not allowed
  • (USER) The use of Split-time by Rene Smit is allowed
  • (USER) The use of AGP-Perf by Grant Reeve is allowed
  • The turbo-keys patch is not allowed
  • (USER) The frame-rates of 8,10 and 12 FPS (PAL/NTSC) are allowed for competing. However, frame-rates above 12 FPS are strictly forbidden
  • Unlimted 'Q' tyres patch is allowed
  • (USER) The 'Practice Fuel Load' option is allowed to be set to zero (0) laps
  • (USER) Team names, car colours, helmet designs etc. can be modified

Other notes: 'Options' (see Possible Options table above) allow for deviations from these standards. Players should always send in the options they have used.

Other notes: The majority of the options will be preset by loading in the datafile, so any competitor, should not have to change any settings. Anything labelled with (USER) means that the competitor is generally responsible for altering this, should they wish to do so.

Support Programs and Utilities

HOF QUALIFIER 2.05 by Neil Tweedy & Rob Wilson - Download: hofq.lha 27K

The F1GP HoF Qualifier is a program that was designed for keeping track of your qualifying lap-times for the Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame. It is also the recommended method for submitting times to the HoF, because it prevents Hall of Fame members from making mistakes in the format of submitted records. Ensuring that the submissions are as they are required to be, makes the preparation of the HoF each month much easier.

PC-HOF QUALIFIER 3.00 by Neil Tweedy, Nic Perrin & Rob Wilson - Download: hofq.zip 260K

Based on the Amiga version of the HOF Qualifier, now written for the PC to run under Windows 95/98 systems. All the same options plus a new 'Standings' feature which will be available in the Amiga V3.00 version.

F1GP-RES for WINDOWS 95 by Jan Svehlik

Back when the Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame had around submissions from around 30 members a month, the only utility people could use was F1GP-RES. It was slow and written in AMOS, but there was little in the way of an alternative to submitting times. Now, it has been updated and converted to run on Windows 95. However, its availability status is currently unknown.

SPLITTIME 1.7 by Rene Smit

SplitTime is a utility that displays split-times at every quarter of a track while you drive in F1GP. Not only are the current split-times displayed, but also the best split-times for comparison - just like in real F1. The only difference is that this utility uses 3 splits (at exactly 25%, 50% and 75%) rather than F1's 2 splits.

HOFPOINTS 3.7 by Michal Janak

HoFPoints is a utility specially written for competitors of the Amiga F1GP Hall of Fame that has two main purposes:

First, by setting yourself an overall points target, HoFPoints will tell you by how much you must improve at each of the 16 circuits to achieve this.

Second, by entering your lap records as you set them, HoFPoints will calculate how many points they will earn you, and provide you with a provisional score for the next HoF edition.

HOF-ANALYZER v1.4 by Christophe Macours

This program serves a similar purpose to HoFPoints. Using HoF-Analyzer, you will be able to view the classifications of each circuit, edit and save your times. You can also set a position to reach and HoF-Analyzer will show you the required performance.

AGPPERF 0.5i by Grant Reeve

AGPPerf allows you to record the telemetary of your car as you race in F1GP. The information gathered by this utility includes set-up details, horse power, and more importantly variables as speed, revs, gears, car position on the track, and car control input (acceleration, braking, and steering). The upshot of all this is that you can have a comprehensive collection of data for any particular lap, which can then be graphically analysed by GPDisplay.

GPDISPLAY 0.02 by Grant Reeve

GPDisplay is the utility required to display perf files saved from AGPPerf. By displaying up to 4 perf files at a time, it can allow you to compare several laps set with different set-ups to see just which one is best. Alternatively, it can be used to compare the perf file of your best lap with that of a faster lap to see where time can be saved. Perf files for the top Hall of Fame times can be found in the Amiga F1GP PerfBase.

AMIGA HOF DATAFILES by Oliver Roberts - Download: datafiles.zip (11K) datafiles.lha (6K)

The Datafiles you need to use in order to compete in the Hall of Fame on the Amiga. Available in both .zip and .lha format.

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