Round 14 - Italy (Monza)

Italy (Monza)
Race Distance: 53 laps
1999/2000 Pole Position: Jan Svehlik (1:14.858)
1999/2000 Race Winner: Jan Svehlik (1h11:25.924)


1. # 1 Jan Svehlik Bolgani Ace 1:14.726 +00.000 11 20 
2. # 4 Steffen Diener Power Tech Ace 1:15.207 +00.481 16 
3. #11 Ian Parkhouse Phoenix Pro 1:15.646 +00.920 12 14 
4. # 2 Darren Crawford Bolgani Ace 1:15.845 +01.119 12 
5. #25 Jim Spratt Lotus Pro 1:15.950 +01.224 11 10 
6. #39 Robert Wilson Powerecoil-2000 Pro 1:16.371 +01.645 12 
7. # 7 Olivier Leroy CyberSpeed Pro 1:16.969 +02.243 


1. # 1 Jan Svehlik Bolgani Ace 1h11:07.507 +0:00.000 180+5+3
2. # 4 Steffen Diener Power Tech Ace 1h11:57.150 +0:49.643 170+5
3. #25 Jim Spratt Lotus Pro 1h12:45.230 +1:37.723 165 
4. #39 Robert Wilson Powerecoil-2000 Pro 1h14:13.216 +3:05.709 160 
5. # 7 Olivier Leroy CyberSpeed Pro 1h15:25.305 +4:17.798 155 
6. #11 Ian Parkhouse Phoenix Pro 39 laps 75.30% 111 
7. # 2 Darren Crawford Bolgani Ace 30 laps 58.38% 83 
8. #15 Benjamin Suerig Amiga Racing Ace 11 laps 22.53% 29 

Race Statistics

PosCarDriverFastest LapLL/TLPitstopsAvg.
Tyre Usage
TimeLap #StopsAvg. LengthABCD
1. # 1 Jan Svehlik 1:16.830 49 43/5320:16.79693  2231
2. # 4 Steffen Diener 1:17.101 47 10/5320:19.86993   53
3. #25 Jim Spratt 1:18.179 51  0/5320:17.82893  1736
4. #39 Robert Wilson 1:17.665 53  0/5330:29.73993  2924
5. # 7 Olivier Leroy 1:18.932 51  0/5330:36.42193  1835
6. #11 Ian Parkhouse 1:19.326 36  0/3930:16.59894   39
7. # 2 Darren Crawford 1:19.820 30  0/3010:19.68993  1812
8. #15 Benjamin Suerig 1:21.384  0/110 95   11

Selected Quotes

Jan Svehlik (Bolgani), Race winner: "I started from pole. I won the qualification with only 0.2 sec gap to second driver. But immediately from start the gap was growing. This circuit is not much difficult. I used the good setup from previous years, with two stops and C compound tyres for first third and D compound tyres for the next stops."

Steffen Diener (Power Tech), 2nd: "There isn't really much to say about this race. CCs are easy to handle here, so it was a pretty unspectacular race."

Jim Spratt (Lotus), 3rd: "A textbook race - led from start to finish lapping the entire field twice except for Michael Schumacher :)"

Robert Wilson (Powerecoil-2000), 4th: "Not many cars finished this race, around 12 in total I think. All was going well until around seven laps from the end when being forced wide onto the grass coming out of the corner onto the back straight, I drifted wide and collected a parked Minardi with my nosecone. Having to pit for a final and third time cost me lapping Coulthard and Schumacher. Lost time has cost me points in the championship and probably cost me the title for this year. I should have secured third overall though in the Pro championship."

Olivier Leroy (CyberSpeed), 5th: "I hadn't a very good start from the pole, because at the first turn, I was on the 3rd place. But to laps later, I was first. I did my first stop on the lap 18, to mount D tyres instead of Cs, and unfortunately, two laps later, I was again on my box to change my front wing. After that I was 6th, and after a big attack, I reached the 3rd place on the lap 38, before I broke again my wing. Finally, I finished on the 4th place. On the lap 51, R. Barrichello was just ahead of me, but I broke my wing for the third time. There were 2 laps to go, so I didn't stop..."

Ian Parkhouse (Phoenix), 6th: "Grrrrr..... Don't I just HATE it when that happens. I was going well until near the end of lap 40, when I smashed into the back of Jarno Trulli's car when he slowed to enter the pits. It is so annoying to crash out when it is not your fault - the computer cars slow far too early when they are entering the pits. In this case the crash occurred before the yellow pit lane entrance line, and I don't think I could have done anything differently to avoid it without knowing the car ahead was going to pit."

Darren Crawford (Bolgani), 7th: "Started off fine, going into the third lap Jason Button comes flying out of the pits right in front of me and spins in the first corner. The traffic was really thick about lap 8, and at lap 31, unknown to me, the F#*@^%! PIT light comes on and forces me to pit and throws the car into a high speed uncontrolable death machine that hits the pit wall at about 140 mph. You can send flowers and get well cards to the F1GP hospital in the high velosity ward."

Benjamin Suerig (Amiga Racing), 8th: "That was pretty silly: I destroyed my front wing - and finally the whole car, because I was too fast when trying to enter the pits."

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