Round 15 - USA (Phoenix)

USA (Phoenix)
Race Distance: 81 laps
1999/2000 Pole Position: Jan Svehlik (1:14.182)
1999/2000 Race Winner: Jan Svehlik (1h48:48.924)


1. # 4 Steffen Diener Power Tech Ace 1:13.890 +00.000 11 20 
2. #11 Ian Parkhouse Phoenix Pro 1:14.189 +00.299 10 16 
3. #15 Benjamin Suerig Amiga Racing Ace 1:14.797 +00.907 12 14 
4. # 2 Darren Crawford Bolgani Ace 1:15.103 +01.213 11 12 
5. # 7 Olivier Leroy CyberSpeed Pro 1:15.195 +01.305 12 10 
6. #25 Jim Spratt Lotus Pro 1:15.576 +01.686 11 


1. # 1 Jan Svehlik Bolgani Ace 1h48:23.768 +0:00.000 180+5
2. # 4 Steffen Diener Power Tech Ace 1h48:55.882 +0:32.114 170+5+3
3. #15 Benjamin Suerig Amiga Racing Ace 1h50:06.385 +1:42.617 165 
4. #25 Jim Spratt Lotus Pro 1h51:26.098 +3:02.330 160 
5. # 2 Darren Crawford Bolgani Ace 1h51:33.429 +3:09.661 155 
6. #11 Ian Parkhouse Phoenix Pro 69 laps 85.89% 128 
7. # 7 Olivier Leroy CyberSpeed Pro 25 laps 31.58% 45 

Race Statistics

PosCarDriverFastest LapLL/TLPitstopsAvg.
Tyre Usage
TimeLap #StopsAvg. LengthABCD
1. # 1 Jan Svehlik 1:16.214 76 64/8130:17.84192  4734
2. # 4 Steffen Diener 1:16.013 71 18/8130:19.96292  2952
3. #15 Benjamin Suerig 1:16.804 71  0/8130:17.09192  2754
4. #25 Jim Spratt 1:17.772 76  0/8120:25.52291  6120
5. # 2 Darren Crawford 1:16.428 79  0/8140:27.63192   81
6. #11 Ian Parkhouse 1:17.889 65  0/6930:19.34792   69
7. # 7 Olivier Leroy 1:21.042 25  0/2510:43.92193   25

Selected Quotes

Jan Svehlik (Bolgani), Race winner: "The USA GP is my favourite. You must be 100% concentrated, when you don't want crash in wall. There are also good places for overtaking, so i don't losted much time with the CC's. I'am looking forward for the last race in Japan. I think the team has pretty good chance to win the constructor championship. Good luck!"

Steffen Diener (Power Tech), 2nd: "I like the race track in phoenix and I had a good race here. The traffic was easy to handle, except for the last third when many cars were going extremely slow without any good reason."

Benjamin Suerig (Amiga Racing), 3rd: "I had decided to start the race on C tires, but I soon found I was much too slow. Therefore I used D tires for the rest of the race. Most of the time I was second with Hakkinen leading superiorly. Due to yellow flags and problems with lapping he was suddenly right in front of me. I got him on the very last lap. Turning into the last corner I... let him pass me to win the race! You probably know that Amiga Racing is a Mercedes team just like McLaren, and we thought Mika urgently needed those championship points. :-) So on the whole my first race in Phoenix was a very interesting, exciting, and also a hard one."

Jim Spratt (Lotus), 4th: "This was one of the few times I wasn't on pole this year (started 2nd) but I knew I'd have the edge in the race. However I made a crap start and Coultard got past me. However by lap 18 Mikka damaged his nose, and I knew then that I was about to take the lead as I was only 2 seconds behind David - hey presto I was in the lead by lap 19. However I stopped on lap 30 for my 1st stop and Schummi managed to get past me. I now realise why us F1 drivers get paid so much as it was a battle to catch him - however I managed it on lap 37, retaking the lead. However the team had a prob during the 2nd pitstop (cross-threaded nut I guess), although it didn't matter as I went on to win the race - I'll do better at Japan, tho my performance here encouraged me, as I hate the place..."

Darren Crawford (Bolgani), 5th: "I'll start by saying, I did better this week because I finished and no ghostly tech problems occured. Got off to a great start by zooming through the leading cars into the first corner. Slid for about two laps hitting every barrier in site. I was gradually getting faster until, 3/4 way through I clipped my wing on a back marker, 'Didn't they seem rather slower than usual'. I thought these tires would hold me to the end, but with about 10 laps to go a convoy of F1's appeared in front of me. If I was going to get around them safely I had to pit, so I did. Took off again slithered threw them like a snake and then with 3 laps to go and no cars to be seen, I ran my fastest lap of the race, and then on to victory. lol"

Ian Parkhouse (Phoenix), 6th: "Once again it was going well until one small mistake saw the end of my race. On lap 70, I turned in a fraction too early for the fastest corner on the track, hit the inside wall which bounced me onto the outside wall for a very nasty accident. Assuming Robert and Jim complete their races this will make it very interesting for the Pro championship. I think I will still be in the lead, but I suspect either of those will be able to overhaul me if I have a bad final round. I'm looking forward to it!"

Olivier Leroy (CyberSpeed), 7th: "I had a good start from the pole, but my car was very difficult to drive, and during the lap 18, I broke my front wing. After that, I was on the 4th place, and few laps later, I was on the 2nd place, but not for a long time, because on lap 26, I had to stop my race..."

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