Round 9 - France (Magny-Cours)

France (Magny-Cours)
Race Distance: 72 laps
1999/2000 Pole Position: Jan Svehlik (1:20.044)
1999/2000 Race Winner: Thomas Bodlien (1h40:41.262 - wet)


The qualifying session ended with a surprising front row, as Steffen Diener and Benjamin Suerig each got the better of championship leader Jan Svehlik to post their best qualifying placings of the season so far. After a crash in morning free practice Darren Crawford's Corgi team (without a spare car) worked wonders to get his badly damaged car ready with just six minutes of the session left, and he repaid them by taking an excellent fourth place with his second flying lap.

In the Pro class there was plenty of action and controversy, but not amongst the leading two cars as Robert Wilson closed the small gap on the championship leader by taking fifth ahead of Ian Parkhouse's disappointing eighth. The two Lotus cars of Gerard Volders and Jim Spratt crashed into each other mid way through, with both cars being too badly damaged to take any further part in the session. The team decided to give Spratt excusive use of the spare car but he could only manage tenth place, four tenths of a second behind his teammate's seventh.

In a farcical end to the session, Bert Volders misjudged the braking point to enter the pits at the end of his last run, then got punted from behind by Thomas Bodlien who was just finishing his last flying lap. This sent the Lancia spinning down the straight just over the start-finish line, meaning that it had officially started a 13th lap. The race officials stuck rigidly to the rules and excluded him from the session. The team has appealed against this decision.

1. # 4 Steffen Diener Power Tech Ace 1:06.621 +00.000 10 20 
2. #15 Benjamin Suerig Amiga Racing Ace 1:06.864 +00.243 11 16 
3. # 1 Jan Svehlik Bolgani Ace 1:06.889 +00.268 10 14 
4. # 9 Darren Crawford Corgi Ace 1:07.583 +00.962 12 
5. #39 Robert Wilson Powerecoil-2000 Pro 1:07.776 +01.155 11 10 
6. # 3 Thomas Bodlien Power Tech Ace 1:07.795 +01.174 11 
7. #26 Gerard Volders Lotus Pro 1:07.797 +01.176 
8. #11 Ian Parkhouse Phoenix Pro 1:07.907 +01.286 12 
9. # 7 Olivier Leroy CyberSpeed Pro 1:08.202 +01.581 11 
10. #25 Jim Spratt Lotus Pro 1:08.211 +01.590 12 
11. #19 Bert Volders Lancia Pro -:--.--- DNQ13  


1. # 1 Jan Svehlik Bolgani Ace 1h27:25.528 +0:00.000 180+5+3
2. # 4 Steffen Diener Power Tech Ace 1h28:31.070 +1:05.542 170+5
3. #15 Benjamin Suerig Amiga Racing Ace 1h29:34.655 +2:09.127 165 
4. #11 Ian Parkhouse Phoenix Pro 1h30:51.055 +3:25.527 160 
5. # 3 Thomas Bodlien Power Tech Ace 1h31:14.117 +3:48.589 155 
6. #25 Jim Spratt Lotus Pro 1h31:29.182 +4:03.654 151 
7. # 7 Olivier Leroy CyberSpeed Pro 1h31:33.732 +4:08.204 147 
8. # 9 Darren Crawford Corgi Ace 1h31:43.857 +4:18.329 143 
9. #39 Robert Wilson Powerecoil-2000 Pro 1h31:55.158 +4:29.630 139 

Race Statistics

PosCarDriverFastest LapLL/TLPitstopsAvg.
Tyre Usage
TimeLap #StopsAvg. LengthABCD
1. # 1 Jan Svehlik 1:08.772 67 71/7230:17.12692  72 
2. # 4 Steffen Diener 1:09.163 60  1/7230:18.03892  5715
3. #15 Benjamin Suerig 1:10.618 57  0/7220:17.38891  72 
4. #11 Ian Parkhouse 1:11.105 70  0/7230:21.89992  72 
5. # 3 Thomas Bodlien 1:09.789 64  0/7240:31.09692  1755
6. #25 Jim Spratt 1:10.693 62  0/7230:35.03191  2250
7. # 7 Olivier Leroy 1:11.719 53  0/7220:30.38091  5121
8. # 9 Darren Crawford 1:09.757 72  0/7240:35.00692  2250
9. #39 Robert Wilson 1:12.525 50  0/7220:25.70990  5616

Selected Quotes

Jan Svehlik (Bolgani), Race winner: "I have tested on this track much, so I am satisfacted with my achieved result. I started the race from pole on C compound tyres. The tyres attrited fast so i used three pit stops. The whole race on C."

Steffen Diener (Power Tech), 2nd: "Magny Course is a track where I always qualify well but then have problems in the race. It was the same this year. It was difficult to overtake lapped CCs, which costs me a lot of time. But compared to my last result I improved my time by half a minute, so that's something to be happy about."

Benjamin Suerig (Amiga Racing), 3rd: "This was a ray of hope for the Amiga Racing team, although I could have done much better. I simply did too many too weak laps, losing more than 5 seconds on some of them. But after all those desasters happening to me in the past I knew I should be careful (esp. concerning lapping opponents) to be sure to finish a race again after a long time."

Ian Parkhouse (Phoenix), 4th: "Now that's more like it! Finally I've managed to complete another race with no unscheduled pit stops! YAY! :-)"

Jim Spratt (Lotus), 6th: "I started from pole, and set about building a gap to allow for my 1st pit stop. Everything was going fine until lap 22, when I ran into the barrier on the entrance to 130r, resulting in a trip to the pit for a new nose. I then took it easy (as I was on D tyres) and knew I would re-take the lead when Mikka stopped for his tyre stop, but needent of bothered, as on lap 30 I ran into the back of Villeneuve. This had 1 advantage though - my stragety was now restored. I then set about catching Hakkinen, which took the entire 2nd stint, due to traffic. However by lap 53 I had enough time in hand, so stopped, and just made it out in front of Hakkinen. I went on to win the race. Finally I'm looking forward to racing on my home turf... :)"

Olivier Leroy (CyberSpeed), 7th: "I had a good start from the pole, but it was very difficult to stay on the track and after few laps, Coulthard took the lead. So on the lap 21, I decided to stop, and I mounted 'C' tyres. I was 7th after that, but the car was very well, and I was able to reach the first place on the lap 63."

Darren Crawford (Corgi), 8th: "The backmarkers where very aggressive, and as a result of that I found myself getting pounded and knocked of the track alot even though I had the corner."

Robert Wilson (Powerecoil-2000), 9th: "A slowish steady race. I only decided to make two stops here as I didn't have a clear race strategy, so my tyres were completely wasted for the last ten laps. I've no idea how many points I'll get for this race and if I'll re-take the lead in the Pro Championship, but some points are better than none."

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