2000/01 IAF1GPC F1GP-Ed Datafile Pack

(Release 3 - 25 October 2000)

As mentioned in the rules you will need the official championship datafile to use with F1GP-Ed. Of course, you will also need the latest version of F1GP-Ed (version 3.44) before you can participate.

Download the 2000/01 official championship datafile pack (18K)

Unpack the archive using "lzx x champdata.lzx" (not "lzx e" - this doesn't preserve the path names). If you haven't got the standard Amiga installer program installed on your Amiga, then you'll need to download Installer V43 from Aminet, if your Amiga has Workbench 2.0 or higher. Workbench 1.2/1.3 users will need to use the older Commodore Installer V1.25 instead - this is no longer on Aminet, but you can get the Installer-1_25.lzh file (unpack with LhA) from here (I found it on Aminet CD 9).


To install the datafile, simply double-click the "Make_IAF1GPC_Datafile" icon, and follow the instructions. When participating in a championship event, you must use the newly created datafile with F1GP-Ed.

The installer effectively allows you to merge your own datafile with the IAF1GPC datafile, so most of your own preferred settings remain intact, while making it legal for use in the championship. Please make sure you read the instructions below (they can also be found in the ReadMe.txt file in the datafile pack).

Important Notes

You are not permitted to change any settings in the datafile created by the installer, apart from those described in this document. If you need to make any changes, you must run it through the installer again to ensure it complies with the rules.

You must use driver number 39 (in team number 12) when participating in championship events. Obviously, you may alter the names and colours for your team and driver, if necessary. If you specify your usual datafile in the installer will try to determine which team you usually use and it'll copy this into the correct position, leaving the names and colours untouched.

Speed & Risk Factors

Registered F1GP-Ed users who have enough memory in their Amiga to use the local speed and risk factor patches in F1GP-Ed should install them.

Alternatively, you must manually copy the respective speed and risk factor values (from the local speed and risk factor patch windows) into the global speed and risk factor settings in the team editor window before you start each round of the championship (i.e. for each circuit).

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