2000/01 Internet Amiga F1GP Championship

Internet Amiga F1GP Championship The IAF1GPC is a competition run for players of the Amiga version of MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix (aka World Circuit), competing against each other over a full championship season. This championship series (and this website) is currently maintained by Oliver Roberts. If you have any queries please feel free to e-mail me, but be sure to read the information pages first.


The 2000/2001 season has now ended. Due to the championship now being without an administrator (see below), it is uncertain whether there will be a 2001/02 season.


15-Oct-2001 - IAF1GPC Future
The first deadline for the 2001/02 season should have been and gone by now, but I have been so busy over the last few weeks that I haven't had time to think about the IAF1GPC, and I lost track of time as far as the schedule is concerned :-(

And since I will be busy over the next few weeks, at least, I'm going to be too busy to run the IAF1GPC. So, I'm standing down from my role as IAF1GPC administrator - in hindsight, I should have made that decision at the end of last season. I also feel I need a break from dealing with the IAF1GPC results each weekend over the winter/spring, having been involved with it for the past 6 years or so, in one form or another.

There's also the fact that Amiga F1GP has lost a lot of popularity, and many of the IAF1GPC racers have moved to GP3 leagues and such like. I don't really feel motivated enough to run a championship for 3-4 competitors :( So, it's perhaps the ideal time for somebody more motivated to take over. If anyone is interested in doing this, then do let me know and maybe we can sort something out. If required, I can mail all the perl scripts, etc, that I used to generate the results last season.

18-Jun-2001 - Round 16, Japan Race
Taking his 14th win of the season, just ahead of Diener, Svehlik completes a truly dominant season, having already wrapped up the drivers' championship before this race. The Pro championship went down to the wire, and it was Spratt who came out on top. His 5th place finish ahead of Parkhouse results in him leapfrogging Parkhouse in the championship and winning it by the narrow margin of only 3 points. (see results)
11-Jun-2001 - Round 16, Japan Qualifying
Diener takes his second pole position in a row, less than one tenth of a second ahead of Svehlik. Spratt, lines up in fifth place heading the other Pro runners. (see results)
27-May-2001 - Reports Update
The reports for the Portuguese round are now online, as is the French qualifying report (has been for sometime). The remaining reports will hopefully be ready soon - keep up the good work Ian! (see results)
27-May-2001 - Ace team standings corrected
There was an error in the Ace team standings, with Bolgani's points having been incorrectly calculated in rounds 13 and 14.
23-Jan-2001 - Race lap records updated
The lap records table has at last been brought up to date, thanks to Ian Parkhouse.

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