Who's Who

A number of people are involved in running and providing statistics for the championship:

Oliver Roberts oliver@futaura.co.uk
Adminstrator - organizes everything, collates & processes the results and prepares the statistics. Also the maintainer of this web site.

Mike Hogg [email protected]
Writes the race reports and previews.
With thanks to:
Markus Kruggel [email protected]
Adminstrator from 1996-1999, who expanded the championship for the good during the 3 (2.5, rather) seasons of his reign. The perl scripts that he wrote to automate the webbased team/driver registration and for results processing, continue to be used.

Alan Strang [email protected]
Compiled and maintained last season's team information page, and helped with the stats pages.
And the people that started the whole thing off in the first place:
James Smith [email protected]
Originator of the championship, and collator of the results for the first three seasons.

Jim Harmon [email protected]
Originator of the amigaf1gp mailing list.

Ant Holloway [email protected]
Originator of this WWW site and the person who created the logo on the index page.

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