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f1gp_bkg.datatype 1.3

        f1gp_bkg.datatype 1.3 - a datatype which allows viewing and
                                and loading of F1GP's backdrop files

       Copyright  1996-1999 Oliver Roberts, All Rights Reserved.

    Description                What is this datatype for?
    Installation               installing this software

    System requirements        what you need to use this software
    Distribution               distribution conditions
    Disclaimer                 important notices

    List of F1GP's backdrops   descriptions of all the .bkg files

    Acknowledgements           thankyous and credits
    About the author           me, my addresses & other F1GP stuff
    History                    program history


The F1GP Backdrop datatype is a picture datatype for displaying any of the
backdrop files (filename suffix .bkg) supplied with Geoff Crammond's
excellent F1GP game. All of these images are sized 320x200 and have a 32
colour palette.

Once you have installed the datatype, you can use any datatype-aware
program to load or view the pictures.  For example, try using MultiView to
load the "options.bkg" file (which can be found on one of the game disks).

I'm not sure how many people will find this datatype useful, but I expect
it will be more useful once I have publically released software (probably
in F1GP-Ed) to convert IFF-ILBM files to F1GP's .bkg format.


To install this datatype, simply run the provided installer script by
double-clicking the icon.  You will be asked whether you want to install
the 68000 or 68020 optimized version.

Alternatively, the datatype can be installed manually by typing the
following shell commands:

   Copy "Devs/Datatypes/F1GP Backdrop#?" DEVS:Datatypes
   Copy Classes/Datatypes/f1gp_bkg.datatype SYS:Classes/Datatypes
   AddDataTypes REFRESH

To install the 68020 version of the datatype, replace the 2nd line above
with this one:

   Copy Classes/Datatypes/f1gp_bkg.datatype.020

System Requirements

Datatypes were introduced in version 3.0 of the Amiga OS, so you'll need to
have Workbench/Kickstart 3.0 or higher installed before you can use this

Obviously, you'll need a copy of Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix
(also known as World Circuit in the USA), which is published by MicroProse

Distribution Conditions

The F1GP Backdrop datatype is public domain with the copyright remaining
with the author and may be freely distributed legally providing:

   (1) None of the distributed files are changed in any way
   (2) It is not sold for profit and it is not included on any disks
       that are sold solely for profit (includes magazine coverdisks)
   (3) The distribution contents remain complete (see list below)

If this software is to be sold for profit, permission must be obtained from
me, the author.

Both Aminet and Amiga Format have been granted permission to distribute the
F1GP Backdrop datatype on their CDs.

The following files must be present in their original and unchanged form in
any copies of this software:

   Devs/Datatypes/F1GP Backdrop


This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise. By using the archive and its
contents, you accept the entire risk as to its quality and performance.

Neither Oliver Roberts nor any other party involved in the creation,
production or delivery of the archive and its contents shall be liable for
any direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages,
including without limitation damages for loss of profits, loss of use or
loss of anticipated costs, expenses or damages, and any data or information
which may be lost or rendered inaccurate, even if Oliver Roberts is advised
of the possibility of such damages.

Do not attempt to tamper with the supplied files. Doing so will cause
problems and you may find things start going wrong!

This software is not officially endorsed by MicroProse Software.

Descriptions of all the .bkg files


   away         Starting grid screen
   c_champ      Constructors' champ result/table
   crash1       Out of race - no wing damaged
   crash2       Out of race - one wing damaged
   crash3       Out of race - wings damaged
   credits      End of intro
   d_champ      Drivers' champ result/table
   helmet       Driver select screen
   honda1       Prac/Qual/Race select
   monaco       Track select
   options      Main menu
   pitcrew1     Return to cockpit / save
   pitcrew2     Championship results menu
   podium       3rd place?
   result       Race result / fastest laps
   runnerup     2nd place?
   setup1       Car setup - load/save menu
   setup2       Car setup screens
   setup3       Car setup - return to car
   track1-16    Circuit maps
   uno          Game complete (won season)


In most of these images you'll see a missing chunk (black box), with the
exception of champers.bkg.  All these images are the first frame of the
animation with the missing chunk getting filled in with images from the
associated .msp or .usp file when the animation is played.

   champers     1st place
   bighelmet    Intro
   desk         Intro
   getin        Intro
   trophy       Won championship


The logoanim.bkg file is an animation, and as you may notice from it's size
it is not in the same format as all the other .bkg files! This is played by
the intro.  It cannot be viewed with this software.


Thanks to Rob Buis for some initial help with working out the format of
F1GP's .BKG files.

Thanks to Paul Branney, Alan Strang and Rob Wilson for beta testing.

And thanks to Markus Kruggel and Marcel Offermans for bug reports.

About the author

Please let me know if you have any problems with this software...

You can contact me via Internet e-mail (preferred) at this address:

   [email protected]

I'm also the author of F1GP-Ed and maintain several World Wide Web pages on
the Internet.  These include a page dedicated to this datatype where the
latest version can be found.  The Amiga Formula One Homepage provides just
about everything available to Amiga F1GP players including WWW pages F1GP
Hall of Fame and the Internet F1GP Championship.  There's information on
all of the Amiga F1GP utilities (available for downloading too) as well as
lots of other goodies and other Amiga / Formula One related links. So, for
an Amiga F1GP junkie's dream, set your web browser to:

I can also be found lurking around on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on the
#Amiga channel with nickname F1Oli.

Program History

1.3 (23.3.99)

 - Fixed serious bug (introduced in v1.2) that could cause memory trashing
   and corrupt images to be generated, under certain circumstances.

1.2 (11.2.99)

 - Now more graphics card friendly (uses AllocBitMap()).

1.1 (13.1.97)

 - Can now read the .bkg files used by the intro (the ones on disks 1 & 2).
 - Added list and description of all .bkg files in the documentation.

1.0 (6.1.97)

 - Initial release.

0.1 beta (29.12.96)

 - Initial private-beta release.

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