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HOFPoints by Michal Janak

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         HOFPoints, Version 3.8
     (C) 1995-1998 Bc.  Michal Janak
           All Rights Reserved

               Important        Shareware & registering
              Introduction      About this program and distribution
               Disclaimer       Important note
              Requirements      What you need
             How it use it      How use program
                History         Past and future
               Greetings        Thanks to some persons
                 author         My address and something about me

   (I must apologize to all for my not very good english)


        HOFPOints is SHAREWARE.

    In this version isn't program cripled (all functions are working). But
there is requester with 10s delay on start and at the end of program.

  If you are using this program frequently or you want version without
waiting, please send shareware fee by snail mail to author

   UK pounds          2   (preffered)
   DM                 5
   CZK               90   

(I think,that this isn't too much for my spent time in developing this program)

  ( Or equivalent way is send me registered version of your program
    but after agreement with me )

   After you register I will send you last version and I will send to You
automaticaly new versions in future.

           !!! registered version  you can get only by E-mail !!!
           !!! DO NOT copy registered version to other people !!!

  You can freely distribute this
program, but you can not change any part of this package and this
package must contain this files:

   HOFPoints               main executable          info file for executable         amigaguide document    info file for this guide

   HOFPoints.dat           datafile for HOFPoints
                           (this file do not edit by hand (in word editors))

   HOFPoints.pic           document picture

   fonts draver containing  Ruby 15 & DBfont 8


HOFPoints is a utility for competitors of the Amiga HOF
(Hall of Fame), that calculates and displays points, which you reach.

In first line is track info. There is track number, track
name and length of track in metres. On the next line is best time done
in the HOF (track record), your best time, your points and
time difference between record and your time. In next line is number called
"need points". I must explain this. When I want to be placed to 10th place
(for example), you can see in the last HOF results that on 10th place has
someone 224 points. then you need at least 224 points to be placed on 10th.
   I spent much time on looking for best method for calculating need points
for every track. But I found it and it works well. There is calculation:

                                 /   Px                      \
need points for track = points + |  ---- * (need points-SUM) |
                                 \    S                      /

        where   points.....your current track points
                Px.........( 1 - (points/20) )
                S..........Sum of P1 to P16

  From these need points for tracks are calculated time which you need for 
this number of points and time difference between needed time and your time.
In the next row is points difference between needed points and your current
number of points (your score) and the total number of points that you get in
the HOF (but only if record stay unchanged). In last line are positions on
tracks and position in HOF in all.
    Your times and score can be printed on printer too.

      This program is available from me, newest version
is available on my home page:

or at Oliver Roberts web pages:

      (Amiga Formula One pages is place where you can find many
important informations an many useful programs)





    Any Amiga (In this time tested only on My A1200 2MB Chip, 130MB HD and
on A1200 +Blizzard IV +8MB FAST RAM
    and  +Blizzard 1240 T/ERC +16MB FAST RAM)

  Ruby 15 and DBFont 8 in
FONTS:directory (included in package), file called hofpoints.dat in S:
directory (or where you want if you use TOOLTYPE or CLI argument ).

Starting program

    This program can be started from WorkBench or from CLI

     from CLI

 If you start this program without
parameter (only HOFPOINTS and RETURN), program will be loading
datafile called hofpoints.dat from S:directory.

  If you want use file with your own name or placed on another place


 (for examle  dh1:simulators/F1GP/HOFPoints dh1:data/hofpoints.dat

You can use both parameters or one of them.

     from WORKBENCH

  Click on program icon.
 there are two TOOLTYPE's (for this time, something will
be added in near future) called


  (for examle DATAFILE=dh1:data/hofpoints.dat)


  (for examle GUIDEFILE=dh1:documents/

  If you do not determine the guide file, the ASL requester will be opened


          Use of program

       After start you can see the window ( doc picture ).

            There are some buttons

  | Track info:  1 USA                   3668 m     |
  |                                                 |
  |  input:                      AMIGA HOF          |
  |  Best time | Your time |  Points | Time diff. |
  |   1:13.663  |  1:15.475  |  10.40  |  + 1.812   |
  |   Need Points  |  Need time       | Time diff. |
  |      224        |  1:14.785        |  + 0.690   |
  |                 |------------------|------------|
  |   Points diff.  |                               |
  |    + 83.08      |     SUM= 140.92 Points        |
  | Track pos 15     HOF pos 15     positions      |
  |                                                 |
  |  Track    1  2  3  4  5  6  7   8       | 
  |  select   9 10 11 12 13 14 15  16       | 
  |                                                 |
  |    LOAD       SAVE      PRINT       QUIT    |

Best time

   After pressing this button you will be asked for input
new time in input gadget. In input gadget you write only
seconds (instead 1:13.333 only 13.333)

Your time

   After pressing this button you will be asked for input
new time in input gadget. (only seconds  instead 1:13.456  13.456) time
must be between 0 and 59.999. If this time is better than Best time, then
the best time will be set to this value too.

   If you have not done time for some tracks, please type time 59.998 in
input window for this tracks.

Need time

     After pressing this button you will be asked for
input of points you wat to have as score (posible value is between 0-minimum
and 320 - maximum number of points thats you can get ( 16*20=320 )).
     From this number are calculated times for each circuits.


   After this choice will be started reading of and from
your time and points in HOF will be calculated positions on every track
and position in HOF in all. The guide file must be original not altered
file, that every player of HOF obtain by E-mail from Edo. Place of this file
you can determine by TOOLTYPE or CLI argument. If is not this file
determined by one of way, then will be opened ASL requester. In time of
processing you can see in input window name of current processed circuit.

   This function is called before every printing to printer automaticaly

Track select

  this button is for selecting track, you want to see

  1  USA                      9  Germany
  2  Brazil                  10  Hungary
  3  San Marino              11  Belgium
  4  Monaco                  12  Italy
  5  Canada                  13  Portugal
  6  Mexico                  14  Spain
  7  France                  15  Japan
  8  Great Britain           16  Australia


     By pressing this button will be reloaded
datafile from disk. This datafile must be placed in S: directory. Only if
you use TOOLTYPE in icon or CLI argument, you can place this file where you


     After pressing this button will be renamed originaldatafile to

  .bak and than will be saved last
data from program. This .bak file is for person who made some mistake and
want return back their data or for case of crash machine in time of saving
data. If you need data from .bak file, you must delete the datafile
and then raname datafile.bak do datafile (hofpoints.dat.bak to


 After pressing this button and if you have printer conected and in ON state
       then w ill be printed somethig as this:

  HOFPoints output:   (Need points = 224)

 Your current HOF position is  15

 Nr.Track name Best time Your time Time dif. Points Need time Need dif. Pos
  1 USA        1:13.663  1:14.859  + 1.196   13.61  1:14.785 + 0.074    15
  2 BRAZIL     1:08.476  1:10.086  + 1.610   10.81  1:09.519 + 0.567    26
 16 AUSTRALIA  1:06.998  1:08.940   + 1.942    8.73  1:08.018 + 0.921    20
                                      | SUM = 172.49 Points |

                                    HOFPoints 3.8 by Michal Janak


    This button will quit this program.

!!! Be sure, you saved changes before doing this operation !!!


   28-12-95  1.0  first version (in GFA-basic)
                  without mouse control
                  some bugs(font problem & problem with datafile)
   12-01-96  1.5  removed bug with datafile and added mouse control
   23-01-96  2.0  firt public version
                  rewiten to BlitzBasic2
   27-01-96  2.5  some graphics changes and added printings

   ??-02-96       lost source code due Harddisk failure.
   ??-02-96  2.6  not public released, rewriten from base
                  some cosmetics changes
   28-02-96  2.8  added printings of zeros in times(instead 1: 7.34
                  1:07.340), points (13.60 instead 13.6) (thanks to Alan
                  Strang for this idea)
                  added printing of differention between your score
                  and needed score.
                  From this version program using one TOOLTYPE
                  and one argument in cli.

                  not public released

   06-03-96   3.0 added calculation of your position on every
                  track and in HOF (only for registered users).
                  Some minor changes in code.

   09-11-96   3.7 changed calculation of points, because there is new rule
                  in HOF (107% rule)
                  New method of calculating needtime(for need points).
                  Before this change you coul get need time worse than
                  your actual record.

   10-04-98   3.8 Minor update. Only refflects changes of guidefile format
                  which caused HoFPoints fail on obtaining track positions


   I thanks to following persons:

      Edo Nijmeier      -   for constructive critics

      Oliver Roberts    -   for placing my product on his web page
      &  Alan Strang    -   for some hints (addition of printig zeros
                            and positions in HOF feature)


   If you have any suggestions, bug reports, some hints or money for me,
   let me know on my permanent home address:

                     Michal Janak
                     Vltavska 11
                     Brno   625 00
                     CZECH REPUBLIC

      You can contact me via E-mail at this address:


    About me:

       I was studying 4 years on Electrotechnical University in my city. I am
living in Brno - Czech republic (small country in middle Europa). Most of my
free time I am playing F1GP and other simulators. I am watching all Formula
one races. My favourite driver was Damon Hill (and I am still hoping that
He will get another podium finish)

        Now I am working in factory as programmer.
       (I am too lazy for learning programming in assembler or C, this was my
first program made for use by other people)

  My other work:

          Only CLI program which strips l html sequences from files. It
is good for DirectoryOpus or other configurable file managers. (Program can
handle multiple files)

    SendResults.rexx v2.5

 Arexx script for participants of Amiga F1GP Internet Championship which are
sending results via YAM (freeware mail program).   

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