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One limitation you should be aware of is that some of the .bkg files must
not exceed a specific file size.  This only applies when F1GP loads in more
than one .bkg file at a time (by storing them in a fixed size buffer).  If
the combined size of those files is too large, F1GP will issue a "Not
Enough Memory" error message and the backdrops for that section will either
be blank or kind of corrupted.  This isn't serious - it just means you
can't see your chosen backdrops.  There are 2 instances I can think of:

1. After a non-championship race, F1GP will load both honda1 and result
   into a buffer.  The combined size of both these .bkg files must be less
   than approximately 60000 bytes.

2. After a championship race, F1GP will load result, d_champ, c_champ and
   pitcrew2.  The combined size of these .bkg files should not exceed
   approximately 130000 bytes.

In the following text I shall refer to specific entries in the colour
palette using the range 0-31 inclusive.


The mouse pointer will always use palette colours 16-19.

STATIC SCREENS (unrestricted)

It is feasible to use all 32 colours in these pictures, as the picture is
only every shown on it's own (i.e. no menus).

   crash1          Out of race - no wing damage
   crash2          Out of race - one wing damaged
   crash3          Out of race - both wings damaged
   podium          3rd place?
   runnerup        2nd place?
   setup3          Car setup - return to car


Colours 14-23 & 31 are used by F1GP to render the menus on top of these

   options         Main menu
   pitcrew2        Championship results menu
   setup1          Car setup - load/save menu
   setup2          Car setup screens

F1GP also uses colour 24 (this is the blue colour used as the background
colour for "popup" requesters) from the following:

   monaco          Track select
   honda1          Prac/Qual/Race select
   track1-16       Circuit maps
   pitcrew1        Return to cockpit / save

F1GP uses the entire palette (I think), to render the drivers' helmet
designs.  Therefore, you should probably keep to the original palette:

   helmet          Driver select screen

FADE-IN + DIM SCREENS (palette change)

Colours 14-24 & 31 are used by F1GP to render a menu bar at the bottom of
the screen.  Text is overlayed directly onto the image.  The limitation is
that once the picture has faded in, it dims to about half brightness - this
dim palette is hardcoded in the F1GP executable file (F1GP-Ed will change
it automatically).

   away            Starting grid screen
   c_champ         Constructors' champ result/table
   d_champ         Drivers' champ result/table
   result          Race result / fastest laps
   uno             Game complete (won season)

   credits         Intro


You shouldn't change the part of the image that moves in the animation - in
most of the images you'll see a missing chunk (black box) which is what
gets altering in the animation.  It should be ok to alter other parts
though.  You should be careful when altering the palette too.  The other
anim frames are loaded from the corresponding .MSP file.

   champers        1st place
   trophy          Won championship

   desk            Intro
   bighelmet       Intro
   getin           Intro

Obviously the logoanim.bkg file is an animation, and as you may notice from
it's size it is not in the same format as all the other .bkg files! Again,
this is used by the intro.  F1GP-Ed cannot alter this file.

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