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To convert your IFF image to RAW format you will need a separate utility -
there are many in the public domain.  I currently use GFX Master, which can
be found on Aminet: gfx/conv/GFXMasterV1_10.lha. Once you've converted the
file and made sure it is 320 x 184 big, you can now use it in F1GP-Ed.

Converting from IFF to RAW using GFX Master 1.10

1) Click on Load and select the IFF picture you wish to convert.

2) In the Brush Options section, enter 320 in the W (width) gadget and 184
in the H (height) gadget.

3) In the Brush Options section, click the cycle gadget (which shows IFF
initially) until it shows Raw.

4) In the Brush Options section, click Save and choose a new file in the
file requester.

5) The new file can then be used in F1GP-Ed :-)

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