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All the settings in this window are saved in a separate graphics settings
file.  This is because the settings in this window are heavily related to
what image you will use.  The current settings filename will be saved in
the standard settings file by selected Save Settings from the Settings
menu.  If you do this, your preferred graphics settings will be loaded
automatically when you start F1GP-Ed.

In the distribution is a file called "Graphics/Cockpit.ilbm".  This is an
IFF ILBM image of the original cockpit graphics which may be loaded and
changed in virtually any decent graphics program such as Deluxe Paint or
Personal Paint. The lower section (last 97 rows to be precise) comprises of
the actual cockpit image displayed in the game.  The upper section contains
a number of things that are used to modify the display during the game.
What actually happens is that the game copies parts from the upper section
onto the lower section.  You should not move anything in the upper

You may also change the positions of various dashboard indicators, but be
aware that backgrounds and things must match in the upper/lower sections or
things won't look right.

Unfortunately, there are a few limitations:

 * The image must be 320 x 184 x 4 (ie 320 x 184, and 16 colours)
 * Some parts of the cockpit that F1GP changes during the game (eg rev
   meter, lap time display) have to be identical to the original and
   shouldn't be moved
 * The main outline of the cockpit must be symmetrical about the
   vertical axis

If F1GP-Ed was unable to load "iffparse.library" you will need to convert
the IFF ILBM image into an Amiga raw image before using it in F1GP-Ed.
Otherwise you can use the IFF ILBM file directly with F1GP-Ed.  IFF images
can be bigger than the 320 x 184 x 4 limit, and F1GP-Ed will crop it to the
required size.

Example cockpit designs are supplied in the "Graphics" drawer.  For the
cockpit designs to look correct you must load in the corresponding graphics

Gadget descriptions:

   This is the filename of the IFF ILBM or RAW image you wish to use with
the game.

   View the currently selected image.  The image will be rendered using the
current palette.

   The x coordinate, relative to the left of the image, that the selected
part should be displayed at.  Except for the 6 indicator lights, this must
be a multiple of 16.  (range 0-319 inclusive)

   The y coordinate, relative to the top of the image, that the selected
part should be displayed at.  (range 87-183 inclusive)

Load Settings
   Load the coordinates of all the parts, and the image filename from a
graphics settings file.

Save Settings As
   Save the coordinates of all the parts, and the image filename to a
graphics settings file.

Save Image & Positions to
   Saving to memory will save the selected design into the currently
running F1GP (if present), whereas saving to the F1GP Binary  will save to
the game file on-disk so it will be used everytime you play F1GP providing
a more permanent change.

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