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Not much in this window at the moment.  This patch will only be active if
you enable the feature below:

Correct Clock
   If your Amiga has a battery-backed clock you will probably have noticed
that the system clock stops when you are playing F1GP (i.e. when you leave
the cockpit the time is wrong).  Switching this feature on will do the
equivalent of typing "SetClock LOAD" in a shell window everytime you leave
the cockpit.  This ensures the system clock is always as it should be.
 (default is off)

Audio Filter
   Turns the Amiga's built-in audio filter on or off when playing the game.
Setting this to "Normal" will leave the audio filter alone.
 (default is Normal)


Fix Speed Problems
   This is intended only for multiplayer games and has no use whatsoever in
single player games.  It will make player cars under computer control
travel at a similar speed to computer drivers, thus making them
competitive.  Previously, with a higher than default speed factor, player
cars under computer control would drive very slowly compared to the
computer drivers.  Without this patch, player cars under computer control
will get a hardcoded HP value depending on the skill level (716 for Ace).
The fix will make the player cars under computer control use the HP value
of the respective team.  This feature used to be called "Multiplayer Fix"
before version 3.34.
 (default is off)

Safe Indestructibility
   Makes computer controlled player cars indestructible.  In other words,
during a multiplayer game, when your car is being controlled by the
computer it cannot get damaged.  Of course, this patch will do nothing if
you have the indestructible option in the game switched on.
 (default is off)

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