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The features provided by these windows are different because they add new
features to F1GP, which require more code and space than the original
routines in F1GP.  Thus, the patches alter F1GP while the game is resident
in memory so that the extra code (which is located in F1GP-Ed) can be used.
For this reason, you may not quit F1GP-Ed while any patches are active.

Each window has at least an Install and Remove button which are used to add
and remove settings in each window to F1GP.  It is impossible to install
these patches directly to the F1GP binary file for the reasons above.
However, the settings in each window can be saved to an F1GP-Ed datafile.

For the settings to take effect in F1GP itself, you must be running F1GP at
the same time as F1GP-Ed, and then click on the "Install" button(s).

Note that when redefining keys in any of the windows below, you are not
required to install the patch again.  The new keys take immediate effect.

The Memory Patches are configured in the following windows:

  Car Control 
  Speed Factors 
  Risk Factors 

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