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The settings in this window sprout from Grant Reeve's PatchF1GP (and
HackF1GP) utility. It can actually buffer the button presses, so you don't
miss gear changes any more and a number of other useful additions which
transform F1GP into what it should be like. This window contains the more
complex features (code-wise) - the others can be found in the File Editor

PatchF1GP does have its limitations (or perhaps that should be bugs), so
before using PatchF1GP features make sure you have read the warnings.

You can configure PatchF1GP with the following options:

Interrupt Enabled
   Turn the interrupt driven routines on or off.  These routines enable
buffering and 2 button gear changes.  To check that it's working,
accelerate up to 6th gear, turn on autofire, and press the button for 1/4
of a second while braking. If you don't have autofire, just press the
button really fast about 8 times. You'll well and truly end up in reverse.
PatchF1GP can buffer up to 12 button presses and releases (24 events). F1GP
will read off these events at a rate of 1 per frame.  So if you manage to
fill up the buffer, (ie: autofire) then it will take about 3-4 seconds to
empty the buffer. So expect your gears to go mental until then. These
routines are of no use to players who use the automatic gears driving aid,
so this should be disabled in this case.
 (default is off)

   With the buffering on, it is possible that you may get unwanted gear
changes (i.e. two gear changes with one button press).  This option allows
you to remove these changes.  Higher values will result in the gear buttons
being read less often.
 (default is 3)

Digital Joystick Gears
   Allows you to use 2 different buttons to change up and down gears. With
this method you can change down a gear while accelerating and vice versa.
This is only possible if your joystick has independent buttons (e.g. CD32
 (default is Buttons Equal)

2 Key Gearchange
   With this enabled, you can use space to change up a gear, and left-amiga
to change down a gear.  Select "Redefine Keys" to alter the keys, via a
standard Key Redefinition window.
 (default is off)

Traction Control
   Turn traction control on or off.  Normally traction control is always on
when playing with a normal digital joystick and always off when playing
with an analog joystick.  If you select an option which is "Changable", you
will be able to toggle it on or off from a new item in the Game Options
menu in F1GP itself, and/or by pressing the "T" key while driving.  If you
play F1GP with an analog joystick you MUST set this to "Fixed".
 (default is Normal - Fixed)

Pit Speed Limiter
   If enabled, your car is forced to stay below/on the limit you specify.
This does not effect computer cars.
 (default is off)

Speed Limit
   Maximum speed limit for the pit lane.  Values are either in Km / Miles,
depending on what you've set the "Units" option to in the
Standard Options window.
 (default is 75 mph / 120 km/h)

Position Snapshot Keys
   Allows you to step up your productivity.  You can use it to practice
corners as often as you like, and to save doing warm-up laps all the time.
How it works, is that at some point on the track that you like, just before
some corner you want to practice, you "snapshot" the car. All the data
about the car at that instant will be stored. Now, you go into the corner,
and crash/burn/die/etc.  Now, you simply "restore" the car - now it is back
as it was when you snapshotted it - all set to crash/burn/die again!  Note
that if the sound goes off (ie after crashing / in the pits), you will need
to switch it back on with the +/- keys, if you restore your position. There
are 4 keys - the defaults are:
  [ - snapshot into save position 1
  ] - snapshot into save position 2
  ; - restore from save position 1
  # - restore from save position 2

Select "Redefine Keys" to alter the keys, via a standard Key Redefinition
 (default is off)

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