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With this editor you can customize your copy of MicroProse's Formula One
Grand Prix (or World Circuit).  Originally, I intended just to make an
editor similar to the ones for the PC which would simply allow you alter
the colours of cars, pit crews and helmets and change the way the computer
drivers drive and respond, making F1GP more difficult. But, as you will
discover, F1GP-Ed can do a whole lot more than that.  In fact, it is safe
to say that my editor is the most powerful F1GP/WC editor in existance,
easily out-performing the editors for the PC version.  Hence, the revised
aim of F1GP-Ed is to allow users to make F1GP more realistic and more
playable, by using a familiar easy-to-use interface.  This is how it all

In February 1994, I discovered that editors were available for the PC
version of F1GP, and after asking everywhere I could think of, I could not
find an Amiga equivalent and I started to get jealous.  By coincidence, I
had just started a C course at Uni, so I decided to get the Complete Amiga
C package.  I then started work on an Amiga version, while learning how to
program the Amiga OS.  Then in April 1994, I released the first ever test
version to about 10 willing F1GP players.  From then, onwards F1GP-Ed has
been updated regularly. In April 1995 I began work on a major overhaul of
the editor resulting in F1GP-Ed 3.0.  What you have here is the latest
update of the V3 evolution :-)

I have supplied an example datafile which will convert your copy of F1GP,
so it plays like the real-life 1999 season, with the computer cars driving
at a more competitive speed!  This is the datafile I use myself, so you may
need to adjust a few things to suit yourself.  The lap-times churned out by
the computer cars will be alot faster than before and much faster than in
real life - the performance of your car is not modified (it would be
possible to make the computer cars travel the same speed as in real-life,
but your car would also have to be slowed down if you you didn't want to
win all the time!). It also contains some of my recent car setups and lap

Some of the features in F1GP-Ed wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the
cooperation of fellow F1GP hackers - see the Acknowledgments section.

For those of you who are interested F1GP-Ed was written in C and Assembler.
It was compiled with DICE 3.20 and Devpac 3.

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