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F1GP-Ed is DONATIONWARE.  It is NOT Public Domain or Freeware.  However, it
may be freely distributed legally providing:

   (1) None of the distributed files are changed in any way
   (2) F1GP-Ed is not sold for profit and it is not included on any disks
       that are sold solely for profit (includes magazine coverdisks)
   (3) No more than 2 (inclusive) may be charged for a copy of F1GP-Ed
       by PD libraries
   (4) Registered user keyfiles are NOT distributed with copies of
       F1GP-Ed, with the exception of the special FREE keyfile supplied as
       of November 2010 (filesize 315 bytes)

If F1GP-Ed is to be sold for profit, permission must be obtained from me,
the author (Oliver Roberts).

Permission is granted to distribute this version of F1GP-Ed on Aminet CDs
and magazine coverdisk CD-ROMs.

F1GP-Ed MUST be distributed with ALL the original files, and no files may
be omitted in any redistribution!

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