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F1GP-Ed supports AmigaGuideŽ, thus enabling the possibility of on-line
help. To get help when using F1GP-Ed, simply press the "Help" key and you
will get help about the current window or menu item.  All that is required
is that amigaguide.library is available and the F1GP-Ed.guide database is
in the same directory as F1GP-Ed or as specified by HELPFILE.

F1GP-Ed sports a dynamic help system, meaning that the help file and
amigaguide.library are only opened when required (ie pressing the "Help"

Note: Workbench 1.x owners have to press the key with a "|" and/or a "\"
symbol on it (near backspace key on English keyboards) instead of the
"Help" key due to technical reasons.  Also, you can not directly get help
on menu items.

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