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I currently know of 3 different versions of F1GP.  Unfortunatly, they all
have the same version number (1.02).  F1GP-Ed will work on all of them.  It
may fail on pirate versions, so go and buy the original now if you have not
already done so.  Pirate versions will never be supported, intentionally.

If you have a version of F1GP which is different to those below, please let
me know so I can support it in F1GP-Ed.  Here are the differences, sizes
and locations of the "f1gp" binary file which is altered by F1GP-Ed:

(A) Formula One Grand Prix - 4 disks (f1gp_disk_#2:f1gp = 582992 bytes)

The original version which is hard-coded for PAL machines.  This version
has also been re-released on the PowerPlus budget label.

(B) World Circuit - 4 disks (f1gp_disk_#2:f1gp = 582780 bytes)

US version of F1GP which is hard-coded for NTSC machines. There is no
manual selection screen as the English manual is assumed. All occurences of
"Formula One Grand Prix" text are replaced by "World Circuit". In (A) you
have to set up the overscan preferences to a certain position, otherwise
the left-hand side of the game screen would be chopped off, with a black
border on the LHS of the screen. This problem has been corrected in this

There are some other minor changes as well and it is reasonable to assume
that some other bugs have also been fixed.

(C) Formula One Grand Prix - 3 disks (f1gp_disk_#1:f1gp = 582988 bytes)

This version of F1GP was bundled with the A600 Wild, Weird & Wicked pack,
and hence the intro was omitted to save on disks.  This version is really a
hybrid of (A) and (B).  That is to say it is the same as (A), but with bug
fixes and other minor changes present in (B). God knows why the 2 keypad
keys used by F1GP weren't remapped to keys that are available on the A600 -
that's MicroProse for you!

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