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F1GP-Ed was originally a shareware product, and cost 6 UKP / US$ 15 to
register.  Due to the lack of updates over past years, general lack of
interest from both users and myself, I decided long ago to release a free
keyfile - it just took me a couple of years to actually get around to
sorting it all out :-)


Registration is no longer necessary, and all features are enabled via the
free F1GP-Ed.key file supplied in this archive.

However, should you wish to make a donation, please visit
http://www.amigaf1.co.uk/F1GP-Ed/ and find out the options available.


A requester will appear whenever you start and exit F1GP-Ed, reminding you
that you should register.  Also, some of the features are disabled

 * Palette, car setup and lap record editors
 * Some of the memory patches
 * All of the "Other" windows (i.e. sound, graphics, backdrops, stats
   and the calculator)
 * Saving to / loading from memory

The absence of these features doesn't make F1GP-Ed unusable!  Most features
that I will add in future versions will also be disabled.

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