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The Amiga Formula One web site aims to provide comprehensive coverage of anything and everything related to the Amiga version of Geoff Crammond's Formula One Grand Prix (also known as World Circuit in the USA) simulation (or game ;-), published by MicroProse. To make things easier this name is usually abbreviated to F1GP (or WC).

From this site you will find information on competitions, utilities, patches, mailing lists, etc. All programs covered on this site are also available for direct download. And to round everything up, there is even a list of other F1GP/WC related web pages, and also comprehensive Formula 1 and Amiga links pages.

All in all, this web site is over 10 Megabytes in size (including file downloads)!


The Amiga Formula One web page first started up in the summer of 1994, when Oliver Roberts took over the job of administering the web pages for the Internet Amiga F1GP Championship, the Hall of Fame and also F1GP-Ed. These services were pioneered by Anthony Holloway - to this day, some of his logos are still in use.

Since then though new utilities have been made, competitions have grown and as a result this web site has grown immensely. Originally based at the University of Essex, this site moved to in January 1996 (thanks to Chris Bird), but due to downtime problems a decision was made to move everything to in December 1996 (thanks to Greg Gladwell).

With the shutdown of on the cards in early 2006, after 9 years of grateful free web hosting, this site was moved to a pay host - December 2005 saw this site move to DreamHost. Donations and referrals appreciated - see the blurb on the right of this page.


Thanks go to everybody who has helped make this web site what it is today in one way or another. These people include the people who have hosted this web site (mentioned above), the people who make utilities and administer various competitions, and also everybody who has given ideas and/or other information used in the pages.
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