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Amiga F1GP WebringAbout this web ring

Welcome to the homepage of the Amiga F1GP Webring. Web rings provide a way to link web pages / sites, with the same theme, together into a ring. Each page that is part of the ring allows the user to access any of the other pages that are in the ring.

The Amiga F1GP Webring, created in March 1998, is made up of web pages related to the Amiga version of Formula One Grand Prix (aka World Circuit) by Geoff Crammond / Microprose.

www.webring.orgJoining the ring

Anybody can can add their web page to the ring, as long as it has a reasonably unique content related to F1GP. When you are ready to add to the ring, follow the instructions and fill in the form.

View ring details

  • List all sites - Produces a list of all sites on the active part of the ring.
  • View the queue - Lists the sites which have been submitted to the ring, but have not yet been added.
  • Ring statistics - Show current statistics for the ring.

Alter the details of your site

If you are already a member of this webring, fill in this form if you would like to update the details of your site (e.g. URL, e-mail address, description, password, etc).

Site ID: Password:

Forgotten your password?


If you have any queries regarding the webring, please e-mail the Ringmaster.
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