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When saving a game from F1GP, these things are always saved, and will
overwrite settings in the F1GP binary when loaded (this isn't a
comprehensive list!):

 * Current settings from the "Race Options" menu
 * Current car setups
 * Names of teams, engines and drivers
 * Km or Miles per hour

Games saved mid-race also hold the following information:

 * Wet or dry race (decided when you start pre-race practice)
 * Action replay data
 * Car positions and lap times
 * Default car to be viewed after a replay or continuation
   (this should be your car, but due to a bug in F1GP it isn't always)
 * Player HP - this temporary value is reset to the one in the binary when
   exiting to the pits or starting a new session
 * Camera angles

Notable settings that are NOT saved in save game files:

 * Frame rate
 * Team engine HPs
 * Speed factors

Therefore you may experience problems if you save a game, alter the
allocation of drivers to teams using the Team Editor, and then load that
same game.  If you make changes to any of the settings above they will
always be replaced by the ones in the save game file.  All other settings
in the binary should remain unchanged when loading games.

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