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Any Amiga computer and an original copy of Formula One Grand Prix / World
Circuit by MicroProse - this must be version 1.02 (this is the only version
in existance as far as I know - see the F1GP Versions section).

Registered users should make sure the "F1GP-Ed.key" file is in the current
dir, or the location specified by the KEYPATH tooltype/cli option.

Disk based libraries that should be in the LIBS: drawer on your boot disk.
Libraries marked "required" must be present for F1GP-Ed to run, while
"optional" libraries don't have to be present, but certain features will
not be available:

   Kickstart 1.x:
      gadtools13.library                (required)
      reqtools.library                  (required)
      icon.library                      (required)
      f1gp.library                      (required)
      amigaguide.library                (optional)
      diskfont.library                  (optional)
      iffparse.library                  (optional)

   Kickstart 2.0 or higher:
      asl.library OR reqtools.library   (required)
      f1gp.library                      (required)
      amigaguide.library                (optional)
      diskfont.library                  (optional)
      locale.library                    (optional)
      iffparse.library                  (optional)

   Kickstart 3.0 or higher:
      datatypes.library                 (optional)
      picture.datatype                  (optional)

More than 1Mb of free ram is needed, if you want to use the memory patches
or memory load/save features.

The stack needs to be set to at least 4000 bytes either from the icon
information or from the CLI.  KS 2.0+ owners will get error messages to
remind you to set the stack.


F1GP-Ed will work on all Amigas, and this version has been tested on a
A1200.  With the following kickstarts being put to test: 1.3, 2.05, 3.0,

A number of memory configurations, accelerators, HDs, etc, were also used.

F1GP-Ed will work fine on all Kickstarts, but it works best with KS 3.x, as
KS 3.x includes various changes which F1GP-Ed takes advantage of. KS 1.x
users may notice slight irregularities - this is due to the imperfect
GadTools emulation.

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