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If you are having problems working out how to run F1GP-Ed and the game at
the same time (eg to make use of memory patches and the memory save
features), then read on...

As F1GP does not disable the system when you are not actually playing it
(ie using the menus), it is possible to run any other program (eg a mod
player) you wish while F1GP is running in memory (memory permitting) due to
the fact that the Amiga is a multi-tasking computer.  F1GP-Ed takes
advantage of this fact to provide some unique features.

To run the game and F1GP-Ed at the same time and you don't have a hard
drive, then boot your F1GP-Ed disk and load F1GP-Ed.  Then insert F1GP disk
2 (or disk 1 if you have version C) and double-click on the game icon.  Of
course, you will need more than 1Mb of free ram to do this and if you have
then you should now have both programs running.  The principle is the same
for hard drive owners, except there will be no need for disk swaps.

To switch between using F1GP-Ed and playing the game, you can make use of
these standard Amiga keyboard shortcuts (L-Amiga is an abbreviation for the
Amiga key to the left of the spacebar):

   L-Amiga N     Bring the Workbench screen to the front of the display
   L-Amiga M     Cycle through all open screens

If a screen has a gadget in the top-right corner you can click on this to
cycle the screens, also.  If you have saved to the binary at least once an
invisible screen cycle gadget is available on the F1GP screen, so you can
click in the top-right corner to switch screens, just like with the
Workbench screen.

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