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Bugs in F1GP-Ed

If you run the game at high frame rates (20+ ???), then go into race mode,
and sometimes in other modes, the car will spin to its left around its
axis. This is probably due to some calculations (the game makes)
overflowing, as it was not intended to be run at high frame rates :-(

If you are using Grant's interrupt routines, and using autogears, then you
will find that when the car is in neutral, and you push forward, the car
will gear down into reverse, instead up into 1st. This is very annoying. My
suggested solution is to disable the interrupt routines via the PatchF1GP
window (but you then miss all the buffering features).

When using the Position Snapshot keys, there is a small chance, that for
some odd reason, your car will have very low air resistance.  This usually
happens if you "restore" your position when you were/are behind a car and
hence picking up the tow.  This bug does not occur if you deselect all the
computer drivers (ie make them all controllable by the player(s)).

Bugs in the game (exist without using F1GP-Ed)

The game intro won't run directly on AGA Amigas, but the game itself will.
You don't need to switch to ECS on the "Early Startup Control" menu, unless
you want to see the intro properly.  Of course, you could bypass the intro
altogether (like I do).

A major problem with the game is that it will lock-up when you enter the
cockpit, if the VBR (Vector Base Register) is located in fast ram.
Generally, this only happens on 68030/040/060 based machines, and usually
SetPatch moves the VBR to fast ram by default.  If you experience this
problem you should use a program that resets the VBR, like ResetVBR or
Embedder for example. These programs are available on Aminet. However, this
should no longer be necessary if you have f1gp.library v35.3 installed -
this automatically makes F1GP to use the VBR.

During qualifying if you drive into the pits after your first run and then
go out again the pit light will be lit whenever you cross the start/finish
line (even after your warm-up lap!).  The solution is to either press the
'Q' key to return to the pits and/or use the Pit Light Off feature in

If you do a replay (viewing another car) shortly after leaving the pit
lane, the game messes up.  For example, enter a qualifying session in USA
and wait for some computer cars to go out.  Then drive out and around the
first corner and then pause the game.  Do a replay, and switch to another
car.  Then, if you try and return to your car or the replay finishes, you
will still be in the pit lane instead of on the track.  The game may go
into accelerated time or something and it is sometimes difficult to get out
of it!

There are bugs on some circuits - notably Brazil, where if you go off line
after the two chicanes your car switches position on the track for no
reason.  In Montreal, if you cut across the slowest chicane, when you
complete the lap your lap time is not registered.

Race lap records do not seem to be registered when playing the game as
driver #40.  This is weird, as the qualifying records work fine, so don't
play as driver #40, if you can help it.  This is a bug in F1GP, but then
again F1GP doesn't usually use driver #40 :-)

This isn't really a bug, but more of a limitation.  If you have replaced
any of the backdrop files using F1GP-Ed and F1GP sometimes issues a "Not
Enough Memory" error, then it means some of the .bkg files are too large.
See the backdrop limitations section for more information.

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