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The heart of F1GP-Ed is the main window.  From here you can open any of the
other windows.  Other actions are performed via the Menus which are brought
into view with the right mouse button, from any of F1GP-Ed's windows.

There are three main catagories of windows in F1GP-Ed:

  File Editors   
  Memory Patches 

It is important that you understand the differences between these three
basic types, and then you will find it easier to use F1GP-Ed to its full
potential. To put things into perspective 99% of all the features available
in versions 1 and 2 of F1GP-Ed would be classed as File Editors.

There is one important gadget, which should be set correctly:

F1GP Binary
   Specify the location of the main F1GP file.  This defaults to the "f1gp"
file on disk 2.  Generally, you won't need to change this - even if you
have the game on a hard drive you will have a f1gp_disk_#2 assign anyway.
If you have version C of the game you will need to alter this to
"f1gp_disk_#1:f1gp".  For any feature which involves saving to the F1GP
binary to work, you must make sure this is set correctly.
 (default is "f1gp_disk_#2:f1gp")

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