F1GP-Ed is an editor/enhancer for the Amiga version of Formula One Grand Prix / World Circuit. It allows you to adjust F1GP almost completely to your satisfaction. No longer is losing concentration the greatest threat to becoming world champion. With this program you'll be really pushing yourself just to put your car near the front of the grid. Full details of what is possible are contained in the documentation.

09-Feb-2013 New cockpit design
  New cockpit design from James Bott is now available, based on the McLaren Ford MP4/8 driven by Ayrton Senna at Donington Park in 1993.
03-Nov-2010 F1GP-Ed is now Donationware
  Since F1GP-Ed development ceased a long time ago I've decided to release a free key file to those who want to use all the features. This comes 4 years after I intended, partly due to my BlizzardPPC failing just as I was finalising things and updating the webpages - I apologise to those who I promised this to and I hope it was at least worth the wait. Registration is no longer required, but donations are welcomed and will help pay the hosting costs to keep this site online and supporting F1GP-Ed.
28-Oct-2002 2002 F1 season datafile completed
  Updated datafile with qualifying and race stats from the Japanese GP. Apologies for the delay. This will obviously be the last 2002 datafile update. I am undecided whether I will compile a datafile for next season, since there doesn't seem to be enough interest :-(
03-Mar-2002 2002 F1 season datafile released
  The first datafile for the 2002 season, which features all the new colour schemes, teams and drivers. Relative car performance is based on the qualifying and race stats from the Australian GP, and therefore the cars might behave a bit out of character, due to the wet qualifying session and pile-up at the start of the race ;-) As usual, the accuracy of the datafile will improve race by race.
02-Mar-2002 Online registration currency changes
  When registering online it is now possible to pay directly in Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars, as well as US dollars. To change the currency from US dollars, simply add F1GP-Ed to your shopping cart, and you will be able to change it to your preferred currency from there (the actual amount you will be charged will be shown - I won't quote figures here, since they will fluctuate according to current exchange rates.
21-Mar-2000 New 1989-2000 datafiles
  Chris Lennard has put together his own interpretation of the 1989-2000 F1 seasons in a new collection of datafiles.
04-Dec-1999 Updated French catalog
  The French locale catalog has been updated, and now has translations of all the F1GP-Ed 3.44 strings.
10-Nov-1999 New f1gp.library (36.10)
  An updated version of f1gp.library is now available, as well as up-to-date information and files for developers.
01-Nov-1999 Online registration price drop
  Starting from today, the registration fee for online registration has been reduced to $15 (was $18), as a result of RegNet introducing more competitive commission charges.

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