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f1gp.library is a small library which provides a small number of functions for programmers which allow detection of F1GP and notification of a number of different events (e.g. when F1GP exits). There is also a function which can calulate the correct file checksum. f1gp.library is currently used by add-on programs for MicroProse's F1GP game including F1GP-Ed, SplitTime, AGPPerf and AGPLapTime.

The library also performs various patches on F1GP automatically, including making the game use the VBR, making the game use the faster graphics fetch modes of the AGA chipset and the ability for the game to run using 31kHz screenmodes (primarily to support VGA monitors which cannot display PAL or NTSC screens).

It was developed by me to aid F1GP hackers/developers and helps provide compatibility between programs. In one of the previous registered versions of F1GP-Ed (a long time ago) I implemented a routine to detect if F1GP was running in memory. This was required by the new "save to memory" feature. Then Grant and Rene popped up and I let them use the same code in their programs. Eventually, I decided to put this routine in a shared library which made things a lot easier and saved on memory (a little bit). That's how it started and not a lot has changed since, except a couple of new things. It is very easy for a program to register itself with the library so when F1GP quits the program can act accordingly - it is common for F1GP patch programs to need to know when F1GP quits (at the instant it happens) to provide stability.

Current Version:36.10
Author:Oliver Roberts
Compatibility:All F1GP versions
System Requirements:Any Amiga
Download:Users: f1gplib_usr.lha (12K)
Developers: f1gplib_dev.lha (38K)
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