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AGPPerf V0.5h

Public Release Beta Version

3 October 1995

by Grant Reeve
[email protected]


I finally got sick of not releasing this software, and people keep asking for copies to play with, so I decided to release the current version I am up to in development, to let everyone be happy. When my exams and other uni stuff finish soon, I will then be able to sit down and produce a nice proper full release version. This full version will be shareware (probably about 5 UKP registration), but completely uncrippled for those of you who can't part with any of your precious money :)


This program is based fairly loosely on the PC version of GPPerf.

It records telemetry of your F1 car as you drive around the track in F1GP, and allows you to then save it to disk for viewing with some other displaying utility (ie: GPDisplay)

It also puts some cute extra little thingies on the dashboard.


How is the info formatted?

Well, F1GP stores the track as a list of segments. These segments are approximately 16 feet, or 5 meters, apart. AGPPerf records info about the car as it crosses the start line of the current segment the car is on. These segments are numbered from 0 (the start line) to N, where N is the maximum segment for a track. Pit segments are numbered differently, but AGPPerf doesn't record pit segments, so that doesn't matter. A .perf file of 1 lap will contain N+2 segments: 0 to N, plus another 0 segment to finish the lap off. The first 0 segment of a recording will have a time of 0:00.000, and subsequent 0 segments will contain the lap time of the lap just driven.

How many segments are there?

This depends on the track. Here is a table, containing the highest segment number for a track (ie: the segment number of the segment before the start line)

     Circuit                       #    Segments
     Phoenix - United States       00    767
     Interlagos - Brazil           01    887
     Imola - San Marino            02   1032
     Monte-Carlo - Monaco          03    699
     Montreal - Canada             04    913
     Mexico City - Mexico          05    904
     Magny Cours - France          06    875
     Silverstone - Great Britain   07   1056
     Hockenheim - Germany          08   1395
     Hungaroring - Hungary         09    813
     Spa-Francorchamps - Belgium   10   1416
     Monza - Italy                 11   1188
     Estoril - Portugal            12    891
     Barcelona - Spain             13    972
     Suzuka - Japan                14   1202
     Adelaide - Australia          15    803

What information does AGPPerf save?

First, there is the file header:

typedef struct {
   UBYTE version;          // .perf file version (0)
   UBYTE revision;         // .perf file revision (2)
   UBYTE circuit;          // the track being driven (0-15)
   UBYTE car_number;       // the number of the car being recorded (1-40)
   UBYTE front_wings;      // front wing setting
   UBYTE rear_wings;       // rear wing setting
   UBYTE tyre_compound;    // tyre compound being driven (0=A..3=D, 4=Q, 5=W)
   BYTE brake_balance;     // brake balance
   UBYTE gears[6];         // the gear ratios
   UWORD hp;               // horse power ($4000=716 HP)
   ULONG ent_number;       // number of PERF entries saved in file
   UWORD ent_size;         // size of a PERF entry

Then one of these PERF entries is saved for every track segment that is crossed:

typedef struct {
	UWORD track_segment_id; // segment id of the bit of track crossed
	ULONG time;             // time (in milliseconds) at the start of the seg
	UWORD revs;             // revs
	UWORD speed;            // speed, ($40 = 1 foot/s)
	UBYTE gear;             // gear (1-6, 0=Neutral, -1=Reverse, 7=Spin)
	UBYTE user_input;       // bit 0=forward, 1=back, 2=left, 3=right
	WORD  angle;            // angle the car is facing (0=0 deg, $8000=180 deg)
	LONG  car_x_pos;        // x position of the car
	LONG  car_y_pos;        // y position of the car


First, make sure that the f1gp.library file is in LIBS:.

Then, run F1GP, then AGPPerf with the following template:

AGPPerf [outputfilename] [quiet] [datamem <size>] [winpos <x> <y>] [surflight] [fullbar] [redcross]

This is the name to save the output file to. Default is "out.perf". Since a filerequester is used to save with, this is not important, unless AGPPerf can't open the ASL library.

This tells AGPPerf not to print anything to stdout.

datamem <size>
This tells AGPPerf how much memory to allocate for recording data to, in KB. Default is 32K. The longest track (Belgium) needs 31218 bytes to save a lap.

winpos <x> <y>
This tells AGPPerf where to put it's window on startup. Positive values will offset the top left corner from the top left of the screen. Negative values will offset the bottom right corner from the bottom right of the screen. ie: winpos -1 0 will put the window in the top right corner.

This turns the surface lights off.

This turns the full bar off.

This stops AGPPerf from setting the red cross in the pitlight square.


Keys that work in the AGPPerf window:

esc - quit
This quits

s - save as
This brings up an ASL file requestor, if the ASL library is there, to ask you where to save the current perf. If ASL isn't there, it will just save to the default file name, or the name supplied on the command line.

Once you are in the cockpit, you can use the following keys:

F10 - Stop
This stops any recording.

F9 - Start
This clears the buffer, then starts recording immediately.

F8 - Autostart
This clears the buffer, then waits until you next cross the start/finish line, then starts recording from there. This is the key I usually use.

If you have done a particularly cool lap, and want to save it, you just pause the game, press escape, then using left amiga-m, go back to workbench and save it, or use GPDisplay to grab it from memory.


AGPPerf uses the "lights" on the left hand side of the dashboard to indicate it's current state. The old use of these lights, indicating the opposition driver skill level, has been replaced. Also, the red cross pit light is used too.
 (surface lights)      Lights
       outside wheel =  O   O = status of AGPPerf
        inside wheel = O   O
                     _    O
                    //   O
        full bar = //   O

status of AGPPerf:
 This light has the following meanings:
 grey  = not recording, and buffer is empty
 white = not recording, but something is in the buffer
 red   = recording has stopped, and the buffer is full
 green = recording
 blue  = autostart mode

outside/inside wheels (surface lights):
 These lights indicate the surface that the outside/inside wheels of the car is on.
 grey   = road
 white  = low curb
 yellow = high curb
 red    = grass (naughty!)

full bar:
 This bar shows how full the AGPPerf record buffer is.

Red cross pit light:
 This will come on if you touch the grass at any time. This light is a good
indicator that you have done a naughty lap. It will get cleared when you cross
the line.


I hereby disclaim any responsibility if AGPPerf crashes, or formats your harddrive, eats up your pet bird, causes the extinction of mankind, etc. etc.


There is a bug, that AGPPerf will show it's dashboard stuff all the time, even if you are outside the cockpit, or in another car.

If at some point a small window randomly appears with a flashing message saying "Ha ha! I am a bug from AGPPerf!" then you have a different version to mine and could you please send it to me.

If you find a bug (in AGPPerf), then tell me. I will then make an attempt to try to fix it, if I'm not too busy elsewhere.


This program uses Oliver Roberts' f1gp.library (c) 1995.

I wish to thank the following people, for giving me ideas and info and stuff: Rene Smit, Trevor Kellaway, Oliver Roberts, Edo Nijmeijer, Rob Buis.


You WILL find this program useful. If not, then I will beat you up. :)
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