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F1GP Helmet file Editor Version 1.1

Written By Stephen Leary.


This little utility is used to edit the helmets that appear in the "Driver Selection" Menu. The reason I wrote this program is because F1GP-ED by Oliver Roberts did a fantastic job of Updating F1GP, but It looked a bit silly With Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost's helmets on the menu screen.

So with this utility you can add new helmets or swap helmets about.

How Does It work?

There are three options in F1GP-HFED.

(V)iew - Viewing. Boaring, lets you view a F1GP Helmet File. Pressing f1 lets you view helmets from 01 to 30, f1 selects helmets 10 to 40.

(S)wap - Swaps a helmet from one driver number to another. Used for when a Driver changes teams.

(G)rab - The most exciting of the them all. Takes a Bitmap off an ILBM screen image (DPAINT, PPAINT, BRILLIANCE..ECT) decompresses it and then takes a selectable 48 x 48 pixel image and places it in the selected Driver number.


If you wanted to view a file called "F1GP_DISK_#3:HELMETS.USP" the apropriate command is :-


If you wanted to Swap helmet No.19 and Helmet No.1 in the file "f1gp_disk_#3:helmets.usp" then you should type :-

> F1GP-HFED S 19 01 f1gp_disk_#3:helmets.usp

NOTE:- It's Important to put a Zero infront of single digit no.s in the command line. eg. 1 = 01, 9 = 09

The grabing is a little more complicated. I have Included two ILBM files which contain pre-drawn or original in game helmets to get you started.

Helmet Images are 48 x 48 pixel images. when a grab is requested F1GP-HFED decompresses the image acording to the second parameter will select one of 6 images and place it into the driver no. which is specified in the first parameter.

The Images must be side by side on the top row of the screen (see the layout of the demo pictures).

Once you have entered the viewing part of F1GP-HFED pressing space will bring up a Dialog box. Pressing Y to confirm or N to Cancel.

Unfortunatly I am no artist so the Images I knocked up for Damon Hill and David Coulthard are not very good but if anyone else does better send them to Oliver Roberts or myself. Thanks.

Since this program is Freeware I cannot accept any liablity for any damage or loss of data brought about through the use of this program. So always edit a backup of the original file.

This program is freely distriblutable so long as no part of the program or Documentation or program itself are modified. And so long as it is not sold for profit. This includes the coverdisks of magazines (unless my permission is given).

Thank you.

Bug reports, suggestions, update news at :-

Stephen Leary, 5 Church St, Shawbost, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, HS2 9BE,

E-MAIL - [email protected]

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