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Grand Prix Patch

GPPatch is cool not so little patch that provides some rather unique extra features for F1GP. Luckily, I discovered it in November 1994 after speaking with it's beta tester on IRC, and I uploaded it to Aminet straight away.

One of the main problems with GPPatch is that it didn't work well in conjunction with F1GP-Ed. After discussions with the author we decided that I would incorporate GPPatch in F1GP-Ed as Toni was not interested in developing it any further. Now that GPPatch is incorporated in F1GP-Ed, a number of improvements have been made including: key redefinition, lap counter, ability to be removed, and full compatibility with all 3 versions of F1GP below.

It is highly recommended that you use F1GP-Ed instead of this old version of GPPatch. Here are the features included in this version:

  • '94 drivers
  • faster fade between windows
  • all driving aids available on all difficult levels
  • enter cockpit screen removed
  • infinite sets of qualifying tyres
  • qualifying tyres available in free practise
  • remaining time in free practise and qualifying
  • shows the time difference to the cars on front and
  • behind when you've crossed the goal line
  • shows the racers' names who are in front and behind of you
  • realtime laptime updating
  • a block flashes on the upper left corner when the first competitor crosses the goal line
  • there's also several listings: drivers by their positions, fastest lap times, race time
  • "*" shows your car's position and cars marks with "#" are the other human players
  • the editor is same as PC's grandprix-editor
  • the realtime drivers' list while racing. The displays looks same as a HUD-view on the fighters simulations.

Current Version:2.20
Author:Toni Wilen (aka Multiplex of Chrome)
Compatibility:Only compatible with the original 4 disk version of F1GP (will not work with the 3 disk version or World Circuit
System Requirements:Any Amiga
Download:GPPatch.lha (71K)
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