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PatchF1GP is a neat little program which adds some nice new features to F1GP. For example: Traction Control On/Off & Smooth Gear Changes. The feature which will please most of you is the frame rate changer, which alters the true frame rate in the same way as the PC version!

The patches in PatchF1GP were intended only to be included in F1GP-Ed, but at the time the public release of F1GP-Ed 3.0 was a few months away from release, so it was decided that the patches be released asap, hence PatchF1GP.

Of course, F1GP-Ed now incorporates all of PatchF1GP's features. If you use F1GP-Ed's PatchF1GP patches, then you must not use PatchF1GP at the same time. Most people will no longer have a need for PatchF1GP because it is in F1GP-Ed, but if your Amiga doesn't have enough memory to cope with F1GP-Ed and F1GP then this stand-alone PatchF1GP is just what you need.

Note: You must turn TC off before you replay any replays made with TC off (ditto for TC on) or the replay goes completely mental, and will probably end up in accelerated time.

Current Version:1.9
Author:Grant Reeve
Compatibility:All F1GP versions
System Requirements:Any Amiga
More Information:The program documentation is available on-line, if you would like to read about all the details.
Download:PatchF1GP.lha (15K)
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