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One of the major drawbacks of F1GP is that the computer cars travel at
different speeds, in relation to your speed, on each circuit.  An example
would be that the computer cars are much faster at Hungary than at Monaco.
A solution is to provide a separate Speed Factor for each circuit.  F1GP
doesn't account for this normally, so I've added some extra code to make it
happen :)  This makes it possible for you to set the speeds of the computer
cars to relatively match your personal speed for each circuit.

If you alter the Local Speed Factors once you've installed this patch, the
new values take immediate effect (ie you don't have to reinstall the patch
each time you make a change).  Note that the global Speed Factor in the
Team editor window is ignored by F1GP when you have this patch installed!

Local Speed Factor
   Speed Factor to be applied to the currently selected circuit.  Values
between 15000 and 32767 are allowed.
 (default is 16384)

Frame Rate Correction
   If you have already read the section about the frame rate feature,
you'll know that increasing the frame rate makes computer cars drive
progressively slower.  Switching this feature on will automatically
increase the speed factor for you depending on the current frame rate
setting.  Please note that this feature hasn't been perfected yet, so the
performance level at higher frame rates on different circuits may vary.
 (default is off)

Auto-Reduce in the wet
   As you may have noticed, the computer cars are quicker than usual in wet
weather.  Enabling this will automatically reduce the speed factor when
racing in wet weather conditions so that you will be just as competitive in
wet races as in dry ones.
 (default is on)

   Displays the actual speed factor that will be used after applying the
frame rate correction - if correction is disabled this value will be the
same as the entered value.

In Wet Weather
   Displays the speed factor that will be used in wet weather conditions.
This will be lower than the given speed factor if you have switched on the
automatic reduction for wet conditions.

   Set the Local Speed Factor for the currently selected circuit to same
value as the global Speed Factor in the Team editor window.

Decrease All
   Decrease the Local Speed Factor for all circuits by 50.

Increase All
   Increase the Local Speed Factor for all circuits by 50.

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