Second Championship - 1995 Season

The second championship was run from January 1995 to July 1995 (after a delayed start), with about 20 participants (which soon fell to around 10), racing at 100% race distance for the full 16 race season. The rules were similar to the 1995/96 season, although we were all using F1GP-Ed 2.xx then.

Roll of Honour

Drivers' ChampionshipConstructors' Championship
ChampionRob BuisThe Flying Dutchmen (Rob Buis)
Runner-UpOliver RobertsSpeedbird (Mathias Kegelmann & David Presle)
ThirdRené SmitDiMa Bros (Claudio & Daniele Di Martino)

Full Results

Drivers' Championship Constructors' Championship Season Summary

1USA 5Canada 9Germany 13Portugal
2Brazil 6Mexico 10Hungary 14Spain
3San Marino 7France 11Belgium 15Japan
4Monaco 8Great Britain 12Italy 16Australia

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