1995/96 Season Results (Third Championship)

The third championship was run from November 1995 to June 1996, with, a record number of, over 40 competitors. As expected people who couldn't take the heat dropped out throughout the season. Likewise new competitors joined mid-season. The rules remained very similar to that of the previous season, although they had to be modified to deal with new features in F1GP-Ed 3.xx which was used by all competitors.

It is perhaps important to mention that this season we were all permitted to race at a maximum of 10 frames per second and were allowed to turn off the HP degradation. Both these factors partially account for why the race times are much faster than in the previous season.

Roll of Honour

Drivers' ChampionshipConstructors' Championship
ChampionOliver RobertsNightmare on Pit Lane (René Smit, Grant Reeve & David Pennington)
Runner-UpRené SmitDigitech (Oliver Roberts & Alan Strang)
ThirdMichal JanakMagia-Chrysler (Michal Janak)

Full Results

Drivers' Championship * Constructors' Championship * Season Summary

1USA 5Canada 9Germany 13Portugal
2Brazil 6Mexico 10Hungary 14Spain
3San Marino 7France 11Belgium 15Japan
4Monaco 8Great Britain 12Italy 16Australia

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